Etoilia Summer One-acts Translation Week 03 Story 06

Week 03 Story 06: Summer EventEdit

Kirara: By the way, what do you guys do during summer in your own worlds?

Nadeshiko: Speaking of summer, it's gotta be camping!

Yumine: Speaking of summer, it's gotta be the Comic Market!

TL: Comic Market, better known as Comiket, is a doujin event fair in Tokyo.

Kirara: Eh?

Nadeshiko: With the mountains and rivers, it's quite different from winter camping, yet it's still a lot of fun!

Yumine: The excitement when I found treasured albums not sold in stores, for goodness sake....!

Kirara: Ummmm.........

Nadeshiko: Even it's night time in the camp sites, there's also the huuuuge Fuji-san to gaze upon.....!

Yumine: This season's recommended genres are gonna be my top priority.....!

Kirara: The ways to enjoy summer sure differs between everyone....

Translation by - Mann -
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