User Titles for Power of Smile.

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As already stated here, every series provides four User Titles per 5★ character of that series if the series has its Crea Craft implemented. Power of Smile. has not gotten its Crea Craft implemented into the game yet, thus only the two titles gained from leveling 5★ characters are available as of now. The following list contains all these titles for Power of Smile..

Character Name Title given when character is summoned Title given when character reaches level 100
Shinohana Mayu Achievement 103420000.png
The naturally innocent oversleeping type
of childhood friends
Achievement 113420000.png
Mayu-san, the Great Sweets Monster

This was also already stated at the page for User Titles, but in addition to the character-related titles, every series has another three titles, which are related to the Crea Craft of that series. The following list contains all three titles for Power of Smile.:

The Crea Craft for Power of Smile. is not implemented into the game yet, thus there are no User Titles related to this as of now.