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Etoilia Summer One-acts (Daily Scenarios)[edit | edit source]

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Scenario Quests[edit | edit source]

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Introduction: Here Comes Summer!

Level 1: Going Shopping

Level 2: Heading for the Beach Now!

Level 3: The Town on the Shores, Part 1

Level 4: The Town on the Shores, Part 2

Level 5: The Beach Hut

Level 6: Visiting

Level 7: Beach Hut of the Year

Level 8: Round 1 -Service Contest-

Level 9: Round 2 -Watermelon Splitting Battle-

Level 10: Round 3 -Survival on the Shores-

Level 11: Return Trip

Level 12: Break Time

Level 13: Swimsuit Thief!? Part 1

Level 14: Swimsuit Thief!? Part 2

Level 15: Gaining Time

Level 16: Swimsuits and Kuromons

Level 17: Lord of the Raging Sea

Level 18: Summer Starts From Now On!