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Chapter 03: The Beach Hut[edit | edit source]

Kaho: It sure is fun here at the beach!

Karen: Let's go swimming again after we have lunch!

Eiko: What should we have for lunch? Should we head for the streets?

Yuki: Yes! I want to go to the beach hut! Since we've come all the way here!

(Scene transition)

Tooru: It's crowded everywhere...

Kou: Well it's noon after all. I guess it would be better if we arrive early and take our seats.

Kou: Other shops that are likely to have vacant seats are......

(Kirara and Leine appears for a brief second)

Tooru: .....? Hey, that shop over there.

Kou: Hm? That place looks pretty empty to me, seems like it's not opening in the first place?

Tooru: That's not it, but isn't the person in front of the shop Kirara?

(Scene transition)

Yuki: Kirara-chan, Leine-san! Hi there!

Kirara: Ah, everyone.

Leine: Oh, hello.

Eiko: Kirara came here as well.

Kirara: Speaking of which, you guys said you're coming to the beach, right? How was it then? The beaches of Etoilia.

Yuki: It's so much fun! I played so much that I'm like starving right now!

Aya: I remember Kirara saying that she's coming to help out, right? Leine-san, what are you doing over here?

Leine: Every year at this period of time, I'd be on a business trip to here and operate the beach hut. And by the way we're opening today...

Aya: Then that would be perfect. We're looking for a shop to have lunch right now. By any chance do you have vacant seats for us?

Leine: Vacant seats... I mean, we're not opening just yet.

Kou: You're still not opening? Cause it's noon right now, which is the time for business....

Kirara: Actually, there're some other people that would come to help out as well, but they couldn't come in the end....

Leine: I am fine preparing the food on my own, but I cannot ask Kirara-chan to serve the customers all by herself.....

Kou: Ah...... As I expect she wouldn't be able to handle this alone.

Leine: It'd be disappointing say this but let's give up this year. Kirara-chan, I'm sorry about that.

Kirara: You don't have to apologise. We have no choice after all.

Karen: Here! If that's the case I'll help you guys out!

Yuki: I want to help out too!

Leine: Eh?

Karen: The beach hut, I've been wanting to help out for once! I may be poor at cooking, but please count on me to serve the customers!

Kaho: I'll help too, since I'm already used to serving customers in my part-time job.

Leine: But I never asked you for this....It'd be wrong after all, since you guys came all the way for the sake of having fun....

Eiko: Leine-san and Kirara-san have always been taking care of us, so this much is what we have to do.

Tooru: It'd be a waste if we cannot try out Leine-san's snacks after coming all the way here.

Aya: That's only Tooru wanting to eat some snacks, isn't it....?

Kou: Everyone have said so, then wouldn't it be okay?

Kirara: Leine-san. Everyone here will become a great help, so this place...

Leine: ....You're right. So then, is it okay that I ask for your help?

 Translation by - Mann -
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