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Chapter 07: Round 2 -Watermelon Splitting Battle-[edit | edit source]

Lamp: The next contest coming up, is this! Speaking of the summer beaches, it's the Watermelon Splitting Battle!

Lamp: The rules are simple! One person holds the bat, blindfolded, and is guided by another person to reach the watermelon.

Lamp: The team which splits the most watermelons will win! Moreover, the commentator for this contest will be....

Clea: I'm asked to be the commentator. I'm Clea. Everyone, please do your best!

Yuki: Hey, Tooru-chan. Can I be the one to split the watermelon?

Tooru: Either is fine. You alright? This bat seems pretty heavy to me?

Yuki: I'm a-okay! If I just swing it like this.....!

Tooru: It's dangerous if you swing it that vigorously!

Yuki: Waaah!? (She fell.)

Tooru: I knew it, I'll hold the bat.

Yuki: Okay, sorry......

Lamp: Everyone, are you ready? With that said, the Watermelon Splitting Battle starts now!

Yuki: Huh!? I can't see where the watermelon is!?

Tooru: Why is Yuki-san blindfolded too!?

Yuki: Ah, that's right, that's right. Tooru-chan, you ready?

Tooru: Yeah.

Yuki: Then, advance straight ahead, then make a left! There's a watermelon right there!

Tooru: Hah.


Lamp: Yuki-sama and Tooru-sama's pair has swiftly split their first watermelon! They're doing well with a pretty good pace!

Clea: That's Tooru-san for you. Handling the bat is right up her alley.

Yuki: And then turn to your right, here here here! There's another one up ahead!

Tooru: Hah.


Lamp: Commentator Clea-san. Is there any tricks or skills for this contest?

Clea: First of all the guiding person has to give precise instructions. Giving ambiguous instructions would only cause confusion for the batting person.....

Yuki: Next up turn back diagonally and leap over with a whoosh.......

Tooru: Yah.


Lamp: Tooru-sama.... Can she really understand such instructions by Yuki-sama....?

Clea: Who knows....?


Kuronoshin: Sesame-sama told us to look for a swimsuit, but what exactly is a swimsuit?

Kuromaru: Swimsuit...... That seems like a necessity for Sesame-sama, one of the Seven Sages. Surely without doubt, it has to be something important.

Kurorin: Will we be praised by Sesame-sama when we find that swimsuit?

Kuronoshin: I'm sure we can get pat on the head too! Maybe we'll even be cuddled!

Kuromaru: C-Cuddled!? Is that really true?

Kuronoshin: This is a direct order from one of the great Seven Sages! Surely that's the case!

Kuromaru: Okay, then let's investigate what this swimsuit thing is!

Kuronoshin, Kuromaru, Kurorin: Alright!

 Translation by - Mann -
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