Beach Hut of the Year Translation Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Swimsuits and Kuromons, End[edit | edit source]

Kaho: They've left our belongings right here!

Aya: Our swimsuits.... They're all here it seems.

Yuki: Great. With these we can go swimming again!

Kou: That's not it. We have to return to the stage first.

Kirara: Karen-san and the others, they've been gaining time for us all this time, but even so let us hurry!


Kuronoshin: I can't believe those Crea Mates are here....

Kurorin: We've done all this just to gather some swimsuits, now we've dropped most of them.....

Kuromaru: In the end we're only left with one.....

Sesame: I was wondering who might they be, it's you Kuromons after all.

Kuronoshin: Kuー! (Sesame-sama!)

Sesame: So then, have you brought my swimsuit back?

Kuromaru: Kuー! (Here it is!)

Sesame: Good, you've actually brought it back in one piece..... There.

Sesame: Phew.... I can finally calm myself down.

Sesame: Goodness me, what a holiday this is. Now I don't even have the mood to continue my vacation, so let's get ready to return.....

Kuronoshin, Kurorin, Kuromaru: ...........

Sesame: What's wrong? You Kuromons too should get ready to leave soon.....

Kuronoshin, Kurorin, Kuromaru: ...........

Sesame (Apparently she gave them a pat or something): (There, there)

Kuronoshin, Kurorin, Kuromaru: Kuー! (Hurray!)

Sesame: .........Hm..... (leaves)


???: (SFX: Menacing)

Translation by - Mann -
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