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Chapter 1: Not Enough Helpers[edit | edit source]


Maika : Ah.

Lamp: Sorry! I didn't mean to walk into you!

Maika: Ah, it's my fault, sorry!

Maika: (I have to apologize properly, since I was the one who wasn't paying attention!)

Maika: Sorry! I wasn't paying attention...!

Lamp: Hiii! (sfx for a low shrill)

Maika: ?

Lamp: I-i--i-i--i-I'm sorry! So sorry! I'll apologize, so please don't stare at me like that!

Maika: Uhh, I didn't mean to stare...

Lamp: Eh? Really?

Maika: Sorry, these wicked-looking eyes of mine, they tend to lead to misunderstandings...

Lamp: Wicked-looking eyes...? Wait, aren't you Lady Maika?

Maika: Eh? Why do you know my name...?

Lamp: Why wouldn't I know you, Sakuranomiya Maika! My apologies if I've caused you any harm!

Lamp: Hold up! So this is Lady Maika's stare, the very one that I've been dreaming of?

Lamp: Ahh, thank Sola, thank Sola... That stare! Give! Me! More!

Maika: Um, about that...

Kaho: Maika! Where did you go?

Mafuyu: We were about to leave you behind you know.

Maika: Ah, sorry. I accidentally bumped into this person...

Lamp: AHHHH! It's Hinata Kaho and Hoshikawa Mafuyu!

Kaho: Whoa. Why do you know our names?

Mafuyu: Maika, who is this?

Maika: Uhh. Truthfully, I'm not too sure myself...

Lamp: Like I was saying, you guys are pretty famous and important in this world.

Kaho: Hehe, that's a little embarassing.

Mafuyu: Though, it also feels somewhat frightening...

Lamp: We heard that you've recently arrived in Étoilia, but...

Lamp: I didn't think we'd run into each other like this. I'm really happy to have met you all!

Maika: We're also happy to have made acquaintance with you.

Lamp: Ah, by the way, where are you guys headed today?

Mafuyu: Ah, about that.

Kaho: We're still not very familiar with this world, so we were taking a walk to scout things out.

Maika: But it was way bigger than we expected, and it seems we have lost our way.

Lamp: Um, if it's alright with you, I can show you around the locale.

Lamp: I can introduce to you all the places to shop, the best cafes, as well as any other facilities.

Kaho: You'd do that? That would be really helpful!

Mafuyu: Well, we're certainly thankful to be guided by a local.

Maika: In that case, Lamp, is it alright if we rely on you?

Lamp: Yeah! Leave it to me!

Lamp: Hmm, where shall we begin? Is there anywhere in particular you all would like?

Kaho: Hmm, in that case, I wanna eat!

Mafuyu: Yeah. I'd like to know if there's a place with good food.

Lamp: Good food? Understood!

Lamp: Hm, maybe... no, let us go to a restaurant where you can enjoy the taste of Mom's cooking!

Leine: Mom's cooking? What's that supposed to be?

Lamp: That just the feeling I get from it, Miss Leine.

Leine: Sigh. That's so rude. I'm not even that old yet.

Lamp: Sorry. But, Mom's cooking is food that brings comfort to everyone.

Lamp: That's how it was explained in the scriptures...

Leine: Oh well. That aside, these are our guests?

Maika: Yep. There's 4 of us, is that alright?

Leine: Of course! Is what I'd like to say but, I'm afraid you'll have to wait.

Maika: Ah, certainly... It sure looks crowded in the restaurant.

Leine: We get alot of customers at this time.

Customer: Leine! Could you take our order?

Leine: Sure. I'm on my way! ... I'll show you to your table once we have free seats, please wait for a bit.

Maika: Business sure is thriving.

Lamp: Yeah. But it wasn't always this crowded, not until recently....

Lamp: Ah. It's probably because of all of the Crea Mates that have been coming in recently.

Maika: Must be hard for Leine, having to run between the Kitchen and tables so often.

Mafuyu: Could it be that she's running both the kitchen and floor all by herself?

Lamp: That's right. Leine can do just about anything after all.

Maika: She certainly does look rather skillful...

Kaho: Yeah. But with this many customers, it must be really difficult.

Mafuyu: Even if it's just service, she should let someone else help her out.

Lamp: Hm... as fellow restaurant workers, your words do make sense.

Lamp: Hm? Even if it's just service? Let someone else help her out?

Lamp: *stare*

Maika: Hey Lamp? Is something the matter? You're staring at us pretty hard.

Lamp: I just had a really great idea!

~Chapter 1 End~

Translated by KKohaku21

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