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Chapter 10: Ingredient Gathering, Part 3[edit | edit source]

Kirara: Maika, have you thought up your new item yet?

Maika: Ah, Kirara. To tell the truth, I'm having some trouble... Mature sweets, huh...?

Maika: Have Kaho and Mafuyu already decided on what they're making?

Kirara: Yep. They already gotten the ingredients they need, but I can't say what it is.

Maika: I see... We've got to decide on our item soon...

Lamp: Lady Maika, Lady Maika!

Kirara: What is it, Lamp?

Lamp: Have a look at this!

Maika: Uh, this map, right?

Lamp: Yep! This map marks a location in the east, which is know for it's wonderful tea leaves!

Maika: Tea leaves!

Lamp: It's famous, but it's also known for being hard to reach...

Lamp: But if we follow the path marked here, we should be able to reach it!

Maika: Ah. If we made a cake with the tea leaves we get from there, it might qualify as a mature sweet...

Lamp: That's right! Let's go to the plateau in the east!

Maika: Yeah!


Lamp: We've gotten quite a bit of tea leaves.

Maika: It's all thanks to your map, Lamp.

Lamp: No, no! It's just a map I picked up!

Kirara: Picked... up...?

Maika: Ah, if you look closely at the map, there's an x mark here.

Maika: It's really close... I wonder what it could be?

Kirara: Hey, Lamp? Where exactly did you get this map?

Lamp: A gust of wind blew it to the front of the restaurant.

Kirara: Somebody must've dropped it... but, who?

Maika: The spot indicated by the x... uh, it's over there.

Kirara: I'm curious so, shall we go?

Lamp: There seems to be a huge rock there. Is that it?

Kirara: This... looks like a statue. It has a face, as well as arms and legs.

Lamp: Could the statue be hiding something...? Is there something behind it?

Maika: Ah, it seems it's backside is dirty. Let's clean it.

Kirara: Hm? Something is stuck to it's head. Some kind of charm? But for what...?

*thump sfx*

Lamp: Ah! It must have fallen over because we touched it too much!

Kirara: Oh, the charm has fallen off as well...!

Maika: More importantly, we have to return it to it's original position!

Maika: Heave.... ho!

*impact sfx*

Kirara: Ahhh! It started rolling the moment you lifted it up, and now it's crashed into a tree!

Lamp: What beautiful sadism, Lady Maika...!

Maika: N-no! That's wasn't my intention at all!

Kirara: Heave ho, heave ho... It's too heavy...

Maika: It doesn't seem like we can return it to it's original position anymore...

Kirara: Also, I tried putting the charm back on, but it won't stick anymore...

Lamp: Maybe, we weren't supposed to touch it...? Is this really alright...?

Kirara: But it's impossible to lift this with just us...

Maika: But, I'd feel bad if we left it out in the hot sun like that...

Maika: Ah, I'll cover it up with this cloth so it won't be too hot.

Kirara: You're so kind, even though it's just a statue.

Maika: It's hot after all, I'll wrap this soaked towel-like cloth around it's face, and...

Kirara: ...... (If that was a person, they wouldn't be able to breathe...)

Lamp: What wonderful sadism! As expected of Lady Maika!

Maika: Eh? What is?

~Chapter 10 End~

Translated by KKohaku21

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