Chocolate Panic Translation Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Mio's Popular?[edit | edit source]

A few days agoーー

Ritsu: Phewー I'm beat I'm beat.

Yui: We've practised quite a lot today, haven't we?

Mio: ......No, no! We've only practised for a short while at the very end.

Azusa: Yeah. Don't you think our club activities only consist of drinking tea and relaxing for the most part?

Ritsu: Really?

Mio: Honestly...... We don't have much time left for our Valentine Live you know.

Ritsu: Well well. You don't have to get yourself so tense for now. We'll manage to get everything ready right before the real deal.

Mio: Will this really be fine......

Girl: U-Umm. Mio-san, have you finished practising?

Mio: Hm? Yeah......

Girl: Then you must be tired. Um, here, please give this a try.

Girl: Please have mine as well. You'll always have my support.

Mio: Ah, well......

Girl: We'll definitely go to your Valentine Live, so please give it your best shot!

Mio: Ah, wait a sec! ......They've left huh.

Tsumugi: I wonder if those girls just now are your fans, Mio-chan?

Yui: Are these sweets? I'm jealous~

Ritsu: They could even be made by Mio's Fan Club!

Azusa: Mio-senpai is cool after all, so I'd understand why she'd have fans.

Mio: Mmmm, that sounds a bit embarrassing, I can't handle it when I'm under the spotlight after all......

Ritsu: You're sounding like it's awful, but altogether it isn't that bad, right?

Mio: W-What're you talking about. Well, I'm happy to know there's people supporting me.

Yui: Mio-chan, I'm so jealous you get to have so many sweets~ I don't think I'll ever have this many fans myself though~

Ritsu: Yeah. We want our very own Fan Club as well~

Azusa: With that in mind, we need to practice more in order to show people how cool we are during the Live.

Ritsu: Hmm. That'd be quite troublesome......

Yui: But I wanna have people gladly treating me with sweets......

Azusa: Yui-senpai seems to care more about eating sweets rather than having fans.......

Tsumugi: That reminds me. Have you heard? Apparently there's this chocolate in Etoilia which makes you popular after eating it.

Ritsu: What's that?

Tsumugi: It makes the person who's eaten it more attractive among the people around them, which is the opposite of a love drug.

Ritsu: Sounds interesting. I wanna try eating it.

Tsumugi: However, it seems like we aren't able to buy them anymore. Although they were made in a sweets shop somewhere,

Tsumugi: It's said that they immediately stopped making them after realising they were too potent.

Ritsu: Oh..... What a bummer, even though it sounded so great.

Mio: Now now. That's enough chit-chat for today. We're going to practice properly more, starting from tomorrow, got it?

Ritsu: Okay~

ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: 黒魔 (Chroma) - I
(I = Ai = 愛 = Love)
────⚪─────────── ◄◄⠀▐▐ ⠀►►⠀⠀ ⠀ 0:40 / 2:00 ⠀ BPM: 225
Translation by - Mann -
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