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How to contribute to the Wiki[edit | edit source]

This page will lead you through a tutorial on how to contribute to this wiki. While editing this wiki on a mobile phone is possible, editing it on a PC is a lot easier and thus recommended.

In case you just want to get the gist of it you can read the Short Summary below. That section is followed by more in depth information on different topics.

Short Summary / TL;DR[edit | edit source]

  • You don't have to register, but I'd advise you to since otherwise your IP will be visible to everyone after you edit a page.
  • To edit a page, go to your page of choice and click the "Edit Source" (or "Edit" if you prefer the new editor) in the top right. You can preview, save or discard your changes.

The following bullet-points are tips about the most common formatting functions.

  • To make a line break in the wiki page you will need two line breaks in your plain text. You can find help on text formatting on this page.
  • To link to a different Page on this wiki use [[Page title]] where "Page Title" is the name of the Page, so for example [[Translations]] will look like this: Translations. If you write [[Translations|TEST]] it will become TEST.
  • To link to external websites you use [ this test link] which becomes this test link.
  • For headings you use == Short Summary / TL;DR ==. This will look like the "Short Summary / TL;DR" heading over this paragraph. If you add more = to the heading it will become a lower level (-> smaller), so for example ===== Heading text ===== is three levels below the "Short Summary" heading. These will also show in your Table of Content.
  • To use images you first need to upload them on this page which you can also find as "Upload File" in the sidebar on the left side. Any further instructions (like how to embed them into an article) are also on that page. Only admins can delete images so if you want a certain one removed you can message the admin here or here.
  • For tables I'd suggest to try the Table-Function in the editor (under the advanced tab) or take a look at this website.

Registering[edit | edit source]

To register you need to go to the following page, enter a username and a password and create your account. An email is optional, but will help with recovering a lost account.

If you do not create an account and make any changes on this wiki your IP will be visible to everyone after you edit a page.

If you accidentally leaked your IP and want to remove it there are two possibilities:

  • You can message an administrator of this wiki and tell them the page and IP you want removed.
  • You can message a steward (a miraheze wide administrator) to remove the IP. For more information see here.

Formatting Text[edit | edit source]

You should find everything you need to know about text formatting on this page.

That also includes things like bullet-point or numbered lists.

Creating Tables[edit | edit source]

I would suggest to use the table function in the wiki editor to create tables. You can find it in the editor under the "Advanced" tab.

Since formatting tables can be a bit tricky I'd suggest to take a look at this page.

Linking[edit | edit source]

There are two main groups of links. Internal links and external links. Internal ones are used to link between pages and topics on this very wiki while external links are used for every other website.

[[Translations]] will look like this: Translations

This only works because there is a page on this wiki called "Translations".

Spaces in names will automatically be replaced with _ so it doesn't matter if you write [[Help and FAQ]] or [[Help_and_FAQ]] they will both work fine, but will look differently:

[[Help and FAQ]] becomes Help and FAQ.

[[Help_and_FAQ]] becomes Help_and_FAQ.

If you want to link to a page while changing the text of the link you format it like this:

[[Translations|this is a test]] becomes this is a test.

External links work somewhat similar. Here are some examples: becomes

[] becomes [1]

[ this is a google test] becomes this is a google test

Because of that you usually want to format external links like this [] so they will look like this:

Working with Images[edit | edit source]

(This also works with other file types like certain audio files, but for now we will focus on images.)

Using external images (like images hosted on a different website) does not work on this wiki. To use images you first need to upload them on this page which you can also find as "Upload File" in the sidebar on the left.

Once you chose a file from your computer to upload, the "Destination filename" field will fill in automatically and suggest a name for the image which is usually the current filename. An example would be a file called Status_Sleep.png. You can edit this "Destination filename" field before clicking on "upload file" to change the name your file will have on this wiki once uploaded.

The "Summary" text box is used for a quick file description. This is not necessary, but might be useful for files where it's difficult to tell what they're about.

If the "Destination filename" and (optional) "Summary" are set you can click "upload file" to upload your image. You will then be redirected to the page of your image. That page will look like this.

To use the image on a wiki page you write [[File:name_of_the_image.jpg]]. For example [[File:Status_Sleep.png]] would look like this: Status Sleep.png.

You can format the image in certain ways. For example [[File:Status_Sleep.png|30px|link=Game Mechanics]] would look like this Status Sleep.png and link to the Game Mechanics page if you click on it.

For the full documentation on image formatting visit this page.

Templates[edit | edit source]

Templates are a bit more advanced than other Wiki functions so I would recommend to visit this page to learn more about them.

Templates are pretty much what the name suggests. You can create a template for all kind of things and then use it on different pages with different content and values.

An example would be the Template:Common_Weapon_List page. This Template is a fairly complex table that you can later fill with data depending on what kind of weapon you want it to display. This also makes it easier to change things later on as you only need to change the template and every page that uses it adjusts the layout by itself.

A different kind of use would be the Template:Class template. This one was made so you can just write {{Class|warrior|inline}} in your text and it will automatically transform into Class Warrior.png warrior without you having to format the text and add the image every time.

You can find all already created templates on the Templates and Uncategorized Templates pages.

For a full documentation on how to create and manage templates visit this page.

Organizing with other Wiki Contributors[edit | edit source]

Organizing with other people can be important if you want to work on a bigger project inside this wiki without running into trouble and confusion. An example would be if three people are planning to completely overhaul the Characters page and want to make sure that:

  • There aren't any other users already planning on working on a complete overhaul of that page
  • There aren't any other users that are just randomly adding information here and there which might get overwritten in the process
  • There might be more people who want to help with this

Things you can do to avoid issues are:

  • Using the "Discussion" pages of individual wiki pages. You find them on the top left of every page (even this one) and they can be edited just like every other page. They are a great place for notes, information, to-do lists, and of course discussions.
  • Writing comments into the wiki pages. These comments are only visible if you edit a page and they look like this: <!-- This is a comment -->.
  • Using the wiki discord channel on the Kirara Fantasia Discord. This chatroom has a dedicated channel to discuss this wiki. Also great for asking for help.

Resources for Images or Information[edit | edit source]

There are three great resources:

  1. Datamined images - A collection of ripped game assets.
  2. Datamined audio - Ripped audio files.
  3. Collection of links - A collection of tutorials/translations/explanations.

You can use these files and information to improve this wiki, but be aware that some information might be outdated.

Pages that are easy to improve[edit | edit source]

Here are some pages which you can start working on if you want to help. These should be easy to improve:

  • 5★ Character weapons - you can add them by going to a 5★ character's page and click the "Add Weapon" text, see also: Weapons
  • Recent additions to the game - Simply things that got added with the last couple patches and updates in general

Sorry, these are a bit outdated.

  • Summoning - how does summoning work/what do you need to pay for summoning/what are the chances to pull certain characters/how do events work
  • Items and Weapons - Which items are in the game/what kind of items are there/which weapons do we have/what do weapons do/etc.
  • Room - The room feature and what you can do with it/what it's for/how to increase the number of rooms/how to put characters into the room/etc.
  • Translations - Don't worry, you don't need to translate things yourself. Just take the translations from the table in this thread and port them over to this wiki, like I did here.
  • Missions - What are the daily and weekly missions/what are typical event missions/when do they reset/etc.
  • Helpful Links - you can add websites/pages you think are useful
  • Game Mechanics - The game mechanics page is still lacking a lot of basic information like all buffs/debuffs/how combat works/etc
  • Shops - These pages could need a bit more content.
  • Party - the page about how character parties work is still rather simple, outdated and could need more info, especially on how to build proper/balanced teams
  • Upgrade - Could maybe need a bit more content
  • Troubleshooting and Error messages - Add some Error Messages (maybe even with screenshots) and bugs and a description on what do do if you run into the error.
  • FAQ section - Add questions players might have and add answers where they are missing.
  • Quests - might be outdated and could need some proper image embedding
  • Settings - The settings page itself is fine, but some of the buttons you can click on there lead to nowhere or are lacking information, like the User_Profile or the Friends page

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

Random additional info:

  • The Characters page and the single character pages are a bit more complex to edit since they use templates. So before editing those you might want to read a bit about how to work with templates. A good example for a somewhat finished character page is Yamaguchi Kisaragi.
  • Even if you don't know how to format things in a way so they look perfect, sometimes just adding text and information helps and other users might do the final formatting for you.
  • To remove the table of contents of a page add __NOTOC__ to the page. To move the ToC to the right side like on this page put this code somewhere on the page: <div style="float:right">__TOC__</div>
  • You can find a ton of helpful information on formatting by just googleing something like "mediawiki formatting TOPIC" since this wiki shares the formatting with the mediawiki.
  • There is this Dummy Page you can use to test stuff like formatting. That page is free for all so don't be surprised if things you put on there are suddenly gone.
  • This page contains all uploaded files.
  • Some pages (like this one) are protected from editing. If you have suggestions for improvement you can message me.
  • Sometimes making one big edit (which you've been working on for days) on a page might not be the best way to work. If you make a couple smaller edits over time users will see that someone is working on a page and might interfere less.