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General Information[edit | edit source]

The Crea Craft is the biggest feature that was implemented with the update to Ver.2.0.0 on 28 February 2020. Some other new features are strongly connected to the Crea Craft system, namingly:

  • Series Buildings: Well, these buildings themselves have been there before Ver.2.0.0, but with the implementation of Crea Craft, the player can enter these building to do the Crea Craft,
  • Crea Orbs: another type of Orbs Kirara can be equipped with;
  • Crea Quests: a new type of quests which get unlocked by proceeding with a series's the Crea Craft.

There are also some other smaller features linked to the Crea Craft: You can unlock several User Titles by doing Crea Craft, some Room Items are only available via doing Crea Craft and you can gather Crea Coins, a new item that is tradable in the Trade Shop.

The Story behind Crea Craft[edit | edit source]

When all the characters are summoned to Etoilia, they find themselves in an unknown world. To make it more comfortable to live in this unknown world, all of the characters want to live or work in a building that reminds them of the original world they are from. These buildings are the Series Buildings.

While the exterior of every Series Building is available from the moment a character from that series can be summoned, this is different for the interior; at first, there is nothing inside the Series Buildings, and the characters need to prepare all necessary things for the interior themselves. To do so, they request Kanna to do this for them. Thus, the player needs to do the Crea Craft to help Kanna and the characters tidy up the rooms, until the Series Buildings are completed.

Proceeding with Crea Craft[edit | edit source]

While this game's developers devide the Crea Craft process into 6 different steps that need to be repeated endlessly, it's also possible to think of them as only 2 steps:

  • Collecting Crea (until you have gathered a certain amount of it), and
  • Doing Craft Quests.

What follows next is a detailed explanation of these two steps.

Collecting Crea[edit | edit source]

The Crea Craft starts with gathering Crea, a special form of energy. Storywise, this energy is the source of vitality in Etoilia, gameplay wise, it's something similar to EXP. Though both is called Crea, it's unclear whether the storywise meaning of Crea is the same as its gameplay wise meaning.

Anyways, Crea is divided into Crea of each and every individual series. So there is Crea of Hidamari Sketch, and some of Yuyushiki, but the Crea of Hidamari Sketch can't be traded in for Crea of Yuyushiki; they both serve their own respective purpose.

Please note here that not all series got Crea Craft implemented. If a series hasn't gotten its Crea Craft implemented yet, you can't gather Crea. For a list of all series who have their Crea Craft implemented, see here.

So how do you gain Crea? To obtain Crea of a specific series, you must form a party with characters from that series and clear quests (this can be any quest). You will then receive Crea just like you receive Experience and Friendship Points. In addition, using 5★ Characters and characters with Awakening levels will increase the amount of Crea that you receive. For details of how much Crea you gain, Rephu found a Formula by testing various party formations.

Once you reach a certain amount of Crea of a series, the Result Screen of the Quest will like this:

Crea Craft - Battle Result Screen.jpg Crea Craft - Craft Quest Notification.jpg

The left picture is the result screen, stating that Gakkou Gurashi reached the necessary amount for the next Craft Quest.
The right picture is the notification that pops up right after it, stating that the next Craft Quest just got unlocked.

Until you finish this Craft Quest, you can't gather Crea of this series anymore, thus finishing the Craft Quest as soon as possible is recommended.

Doing Craft Quests[edit | edit source]

So how do you finish the Craft Quest? You need to do the following steps: CraftQuesTutorial 001.png

  • Enter the Series Building of the Series whose Craft Quest got unlocked. Note that you do not need to have the respective Series Building placed in town to do this.

CraftQuesTutorial 002.png

  • Tap on the "Crea Craft" button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

CraftQuesTutorial 003.png

  • An unfinished Request should be displayed on the very top of the list displayed now. Tap on it, then tap on the "Accept the Request" button. This unlocks the actual Craft Quest.

  • Now go to the Quest Selection Screen. In the category "Craft Quests" you'll find the newly unlocked Craft Quest in the banner of the respective Series.

CraftQuesTutorial 004.png

  • Beat the Quest. This quest is neither special in regards to difficulty, nor does it require any special units or anything. It's just a quest like any other quest as well. It even gives you Crea for your party members.

CraftQuesTutorial 005.png

  • After you have beaten the Quest, you need to go back to the Series Building, tap on "Crea Craft" and on the Request once again (similarly to the first three steps in this list).

CraftQuesTutorial 006.png

  • Tap on the orange "Report back" button to finish the request and claim your rewards.

Once you have finished these steps, Craft Quest is finished and you can collect Crea for this series once again.


  • You don't need to have a specific Series Building placed in Town, but you can simply enter it from the main menu. To do so, just open the main menu and tap on "List of Series" (It's the button which is called "Crea Craft" on the top page of this wiki).
  • There are two means to go to the Quest Selection Screen. The first one is the regular one via the main menu, the Home Screen or the Town Screen. If you choose this method, you'll need to click through the different categories to finally access the Craft Quest in question.
  • The second method is via the Request Screen. As you are inside some series's Series building when you accept a Request for Crea Craft, you can just re-tap on the "Crea Craft" button on the bottom right. Now you'll find a "Go to Craft Quest" button. By tapping on this, you'll be lead directly to the Quest Selection menu of the series's Craft Quests. Consider this as a shortcut for Craft Quests.

Now you need to repeat the two steps of "Collecting Crea" and "Doing Craft Quests".

Repeating above two Steps[edit | edit source]

The first time you finish a Craft Quest for a Series, you unlock the Crea Orb of that series, which will be at level 1. Every further time you unlock and finish another Craft Quest of this series, the level of that Crea Orb increases by 1, until it eventually reaches level 10.

The following table displays the amount of Crea needed for each level of the Crea Orb (these steps are the reason why the developpers divided the progress into 6 steps):

Orb level Amount of Crea to be collected
since the previous Craft Quest
Total amount of Crea Notes
1 10,000 10,000 Crea Orb unlocks at Orb level 1 with first skill.
A User Title is obtained.
2 40,000 50,000
3 50,000 100,000
4 80,000 180,000
5 90,000 270,000 The Crea Orb's second skill unlocks.
A second User Title is obtained.
6 110,000 380,000
7 120,000 500,000
8 150,000 650,000
9 170,000 820,000
10 180,000 1,000,000 The Crea Orb's third skill unlocks.
A third User Title is obtained.

Besides the things mentioned in the Notes, there are some other rewards for each and every Orb level. Every Craft Quest gives you a Craft Medal, and some Craft Quests unlock some Room Items for the Room Shop. For a list of all rewards, see here.

For a list of all Orb Skills, see Crea Orbs.

Once a series Crea Orb reaches Orb level 10, the Bonus Craft gets unlocked.

The Bonus Craft[edit | edit source]

The Bonus Craft is basically the same as an 11th level for the Crea Orb, only that the Crea Orb itself doesn't change anymore. You simply collect further Crea for a finished series, and for every 200,000 Crea you get to beat the Bonus Craft Quest. This as well is just another regular quest. By this, you can gather Craft Medals to trade in for items in the Trade Shop.

Thanks to the Bonus Craft, the process of collecting Crea can be continued endlessly beyond maxing a Crea Orb out.

List of Series with unlocked Crea[edit | edit source]

The following list contains all series who have their Crea unlocked:

  • Hidamari Sketch
  • Yuyushiki
  • A-Channel
  • Kiniro Mosaic
  • Gakkou Gurashi
  • Stella no Mahou
  • New Game!
  • Urara Meirochou
  • Kill Me Baby
  • Sakura Trick
  • Blend S
  • Yumekui Merry
  • Slow Start
  • Yuru Camp
  • Hanayamata
  • Comic Girls
  • Anne Happy
  • K-On!
  • Harukana Recieve

Source[edit | edit source]

Some information about the Crea Craft system or its english translation were taken from here