Crea Mates Big Meeting! New Year Sugoroku Tournament Translation

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Qualifying Round: Scenario Quest[edit | edit source]


Introductory Scenario

Level 1: The Three Way Tug of War

Level 2: The Three-Legged Scavenger Hunt

Level 3: The Giant Ball Rolling Race

Level 4: Here's to a Great New Year!

Main Round[edit | edit source]


Tile 1: Start

Tile 2: Commercial District

Tile 3: Front of Inn

Tile 4: Outskirts of Town

Tile 5: Plaza

Tile 6: Checkpoint

Ruins Tile 1: Sugoroku Course?

Ruins Tile 2: Ruins -Interior-

Ruins Tile 3: Ruins -Diverging Paths-

Ruins Tile 4: Ruins -Hidden Room-

Ruins Tile 5: Ruins -Innermost-

Tile 7: Goal