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Introduction: Let the Tournament Commence![edit | edit source]

Title Card: Crea Mates Big Meeting! New Year Sugoroku Tournament

Lamp: Lamp Presents! Crea Mates Big Meeting: Real Sugoroku Tournament!

Lamp: ......'s Qualifying Round!!

(Crowd cheers.)

Clea: Time flies, and this year will end in a few days. It'll a fun New Year after we sleep through a few more nights.

Lamp: This Real Sugoroku Tournament is organised as the biggest event for the New Year, so that everyone can have fun!

Clea: Today, to decide who will be the entrants to the Main Round Tournament, the Qualifying Round will be held!

Lamp: I, Lamp, will be serving as the MC of this Tournament!

Clea: And I'm the assistant, Clea. It's my pleasure to be here.

Lamp: Everyone~! Do you want to be an entrant to the Sugoroku Tournament~!?

(Crowd cheers.)

Lamp: Do you want to win luxurious prizes~!?

Everyone (Haruka, Yuu, Kohane, Naru): ......?

Everyone (Kaoruko, Anne, Sonya, Run, Tooru): ......?

Clea: ......Oh no, we still haven't announced our prizes yet.

Lamp: Ah, that's right......

Lamp: The prizes......

Lamp: Ta-da! Here it is!

Clea: Eh? An envelope.......? What exactly is inside it?

Lamp: Fufufu. That'll remain as a secret for now!

Clea: Ehhh~!? You're not going to announce what it is!?

Lamp: Everyone, I bet you're intrigued, right? You're getting really intrigued, aren't you all!?

Lamp: Those intriguing prizes,

Lamp: Will be unveiled right after the end of today's Qualifying Round!

Clea: You're really leaving them hanging like that~.

Lamp: They're luxurious prizes that everyone would definitely want badly! With that said, let's get fired up and move on to the Qualifying Round~!

(Crowd cheers.)

Yasuna: That envelope.....

Yuzuko: Waaーー It's exactly as I thought.

Kaho: We must win this, so that we can get our hands on that prize.

(Flashback: The day beforeーー)

Yuzuko: Hmm? What's this?

Kaho: There's an envelope here.

Yasuna: Maybe someone dropped it? ......Let's open it and have a peek inside.

Kaho: Eh? Can we really open this?

Yasuna: If we take a look inside, we might be able to know who's the owner, right? Then depending on the item inside we might get 10% in return......

Yuzuko: 10%? What 10%?

Yasuna: It's nothing. Don't mind that! I'll open it now......Mm?

Yasuna: There's nothing inside..... It's completely empty.

Yuzuko: Huh? Maybe that's one of those "air mail" thingies? You know, you read the atmosphere inside.

Kaho: ......I don't remember air mails being such things, do you?

Lamp: Ah, that envelope is!?

Yuzuko: Ah, Lamp-chan.

Lamp: I've been looking for this envelope for ages! So you guys picked it up after all!

Kaho: So it was Lamp-chan who dropped this.

Lamp: There's something really really important inside this!

Yasuna: Eh? Inside you say.......

Lamp: Actually, the prizes for the upcoming Sugoroku Tournament for the New Year are put inside......It'd be a disaster if I were to lose this!

Yuzuko: Hm? But there's nothing insi.......

Lamp: I've worked my tail off to obtain these for the Sugoroku Tournament.

Lamp: When I think of all those people who collaborated with us......They'd perhaps make me pay with my life if I lose these.

Kaho: Y-Your life!? They're that important!?

Lamp: Thank goodness you found it in one piece! Now then, I still got some more preparation work on the Sugoroku, so excuse me!

Yasuna: Ah! Wait!

Yasuna: Ahh. She left.

Yuzuko: Would this be fine? Yet with that being an air mail.......

Kaho: It's an empty envelope rather than an air mail......but nevertheless we failed to tell her that......

(Flashback ends)

Lamp: Everyone, give it your all and aim for the top~!

Yuzuko: Seems like Lamp-chan is still oblivious to the fact that the envelope is empty.

Kaho: But with this many participants gathering here, it'd be difficult for us too to tell her that there're no prizes at this point......

Yasuna: If the Tournaments proceeds and ends at this rate, when it's time to present the prizes at the prize ceremony......

Yuzuko: Uwah, what an uncomfortable atmosphere that'll be, when what you're getting is a mere air mail......

Yasuna: Lamp-chan would certainly panic wildly about this. Just by imagination I can tell how unbearable this situation would be.......

Kaho: Yeah. That's why, one of us has to win this, and laugh the empty envelope off. We have no choice but to do this!

Yuzuko: I see. Alright, let's hope the atmosphere won't turn out to be uncomfortable.

Kaho: Let's win this for Lamp-chan's sake!

Yasuna: What a pain this'll be......

Translation by - Mann -
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