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ID 1401200
Icon 1401200
Exclusive to Alice【Christmas】
Name 5★ Alice (Christmas) Exclusive Puppet (★5アリス【クリスマス】専用パペット)
Class Mage
Rarity 5
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Skill Name Memoria Spell (メモリア・スペル)
Skill 「All Enemies」 Medium Damage

+ 「Self」Medium MAT Up

Evolved Skill Name
Evolved Skill None
Passive Skill Basic Attack hits all enemies

+ Small MAT Up when she kills an enemy

Recipe 1 Itemicon 999.png x3 Itemicon 3.png x300 Itemicon 22.png x100 Itemicon 10.png x100 Itemicon 24.png x30
1000000 Currency gold coin.png
Recipe 2 Itemicon 999.png x5 Itemicon 3.png x400 Itemicon 23.png x120 Itemicon 11.png x100 Itemicon 25.png x50
1500000 Currency gold coin.png
Recipe 3 Itemicon 999.png x6 Itemicon 3.png x550 Itemicon 24.png x150 Itemicon 12.png x100 Itemicon 25.png x75
2500000 Currency gold coin.png