Etoilia's Black Christmas Translation

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Introductory Scenario[edit | edit source]

Scenario Quests[edit | edit source]


Level 1: Black Christmas?

Level 2: Special Clothes for a Special Day

Level 3: What Matters is Your Aptitude for Art, Part 1

Level 4: What Matters is Your Aptitude for Art, Part 2

Level 5: The Form of The Snowmen

Level 6: Turning Black to White

Level 7: Ruki's Secret?

Level 8: Showdown! General Black Snowman!

Level 9: Decisive Battle! General Black Snowman!

Level 10: The Winter General Shows Up

Level 11: To Make Christmas Fun

Level 12: This is Who I Am

Level 13: Hold Your Heads Up High

Level 14: Another Aptitude for Drawing

Level 15: Showdown! Darkness Winter General!

Level 16: Reaching Out to the General

Level 17: Accept Me

Level 18: Beyond the Black Snow

Level 19: In the Bustling Party