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Week 03 Story 05: Metal Hammer[edit | edit source]

TL: Metal Hammer 【Japanese: 金槌(かなづち/カナヅチ), Romaji: Kanazuchi, Literally: Metal hammer】is a Japanese slang, which describes people who cannot swim, as they'd sink in the water just like a metal hammer.

Shizuku: ........

Kirara: Huh? Shizuku-san? What are you doing over here?

Shizuku: I'm just looking at the sea.

Kirara: Everyone is already heading down to swim, isn't Shizuku-san going as well?

Shizuku: Cause, I don't wanna get sunburnt. With my delicate skin, I have to be pretty careful.

Kirara: That's why. I'm sure Shizuku-san is....

Shizuku: It's not that I can't swim or anything. It's just troublesome to do all those warm-up exercises......

Kirara: I haven't said anything yet....

Translation by - Mann -
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