Etoilia Summer One-acts Translation Week 03 Story 07

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Week 03 Story 07: The Delinquent Honor Student[edit | edit source]

Kon: Coming to the beach is always fun, no matter how many times you've been here before!

Kirara: I'm suprised that you're in such high spirits, because Kon-san, you always go on training trips seriously.

Kon: Even I'm a normal girl too. I also want to have fun with everyone like this once in a while.

Kirara: ....You're right.

Kon: That's why today I'm gonna be delinquent and play all I want until I'm satisfied!

Kon: In preparation for today, I did 2 days worth of fortune telling practice yesterday!

Kirara: That's being delinquent......?

Translation by - Mann -
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