Etoilia Summer One-acts Translation Week 01 Story 03

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Week 01 Story 03: The Great Pranking Operation[edit | edit source]

(Karen walked towards Yuki)

Karen: Yuki, what're you doing?

Yuki: I'm digging a pit! I think I can perhaps surprise Kurumi-chan with this!

Karen: Looks like fun! I'll help too!

(Deeper and deeper they went...)

Karen: (sighs) Fuu... We have dug out a lot of sand, haven't we?

Yuki: With this depth, even the sporty and athletic Kurumi-chan wouldn't be able to get out from here!

Karen: Let's call Kurumi over right now!

(The two jumped repeatly)

Karen: By the way, how are we supposed to get out?

Yuki: Ah.......

 Translation by - Mann -
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