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Week 04 Story 05: How to Enjoy Camping?[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: ~♪

Shizuku: Nadeshiko-chan, you're going camping again?

Nadeshiko: Yeah! Shizuku-chan, are you interested too?

Shizuku: Hmm, what do you do when camping?

Nadeshiko: Umm.. I gaze upon Fuji-san at night, I also eat cup noodles..... Ah, the Fuji-san at dawn is incredibly beautiful too~

TL: Fuji-san (富士山), Japanese for Mount Fuji

Nadeshiko: The Fuji-san seen at Lake Motosu is even printed on the 1000 yen banknote!

TL: Lake Motosu (or Motosu-ko 本栖湖 in Japanese) is a lake a few kilometers northwest of Mount Fuji. In Yuru Camp, Lake Motosu is visited numerous times.
Also, the view of Mount Fuji from Lake Motosu is indeed printed on the back side on the 1000 yen banknotes.

Shizuku: I just learnt a lot about Fuji-san, instead of camping.

Nadeshiko: Umm, umm..... When I go camping with Rin-chan we gaze upon the stars......and we make hot pots together......

Shizuku: (Gulp)

Shizuku: (I wanna do that too......having hot pot under the starry night sky with Kotone......or something like that.....)

Nadeshiko: The food from the hot pot will be very very hot so we have to blow it like "fu fu"~ and be careful~.....

Shizuku: T-That's pretty much a kiss if it's very very hot and like "fu fu"!

Nadeshiko: ??

Shizuku: Haa.......! S-Sorry, it was nothing!

Translation by - Mann -
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