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Intro[edit | edit source]

This guide will lead you through everything you need to know to get Kirara Fantasia running.

If you have certain questions or encounter any error messages that are not mentioned in this guide you might find your answer on the Help and FAQ page.

I'm trying to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible, but it might be outdated for a short time in case a new patch just got released recently.

What you will need to run this game[edit | edit source]

You will either need a compatible android or iOS device, or a Computer. If you're curious if your device is compatible you can take a look at the official FAQ list, but be aware that the list only contains recommended devices, not device models you have to use.

The only real way to find out if or how well your device runs Kirara Fantasia is to install the game.

Except for a working device you will also need a stable and strong internet connection and at least 2-3GB of free storage on your device. More free storage is recommended, especially on iOS devices, as Kirara Fantasia data is prone to getting deleted by the system to free up space on your device.

It is also important that your android or iOS device is not rooted and has USB debugging disabled in the developer options.

Installing Kirara Fantasia[edit | edit source]

On an Android Device[edit | edit source]

If you own a Japanese Play Store account, you can just search for きららファンタジア and install the game from there.

If you don't own a Japanese Play Store account follow these steps:

  1. Download QooApp. You can get the .apk file from here by clicking the "Download APK" button.
  2. Install and launch QooApp.
  3. Click on the magnifier button at the top right and search for きららファンタジア or Kirara Fantasia. Then click on the game and install it.
  4. The game should now appear on your Home Screen and/or in the list of installed Apps on your device.

On an iOS (Apple) Device[edit | edit source]

  1. Register a Japanese iTunes Account if you haven't already got one. Tutorial available here.
  2. Log into the Japanese account under Settings >> iTunes and App Stores. This ensures the App Store will be set to the Japanese one.
  3. Open the App Store and search for (or alternatively just copy) きららファンタジア
  4. Download the app and done.

On a Computer using an emulator[edit | edit source]

  1. Download and install the latest version of the Nox App Player. Make Sure that you install version or higher.
  2. Launch Nox.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Download QooApp by downloading the .apk file from here to your computer. Then either drag & drop the .apk file onto Nox (and wait a moment) or click on the "import APK" button on the right side of Nox and choose the QooApp .apk from your computer.
    • Open the in Nox integrated Browser App (on the Nox Homescreen), navigate to, download the APK by clicking on the "download apk" button and install QooApp.
  4. Launch QooApp, click on the magnifier button at the top right and search for きららファンタジア or Kirara Fantasia. Then click on the game and install it.
  5. The game should now appear on your Home Screen and in the list of installed Apps on your device.

First time launching Kirara Fantasia[edit | edit source]

Troubleshooting: The game won't start[edit | edit source]

  • Problem: When I start the game it just opens some Japanese Website.
  • Make sure your device is not rooted and you have USB-Debugging on your device disabled. If you're using an emulator, make sure you're on the latest version of nox, have root disabled and 2+GB memory enabled. If you are using Nox and the game still closes frequently and redirects you to a Japanese website, try creating a Nox Emulation with a different Android version (the one dispalyed at the top left of your Nox window). Some people reported that only Android 4 worked for them, some that only Andoid 5 worked, etc. so it might be different for everybody.

Launching the game[edit | edit source]

First you will be greeted by the Terms of Service agreement.
Click the button at the bottom right to accept them.

Next you get a warning that the game will be downloading a lot of data (1+GB).
Make sure you're connected to a fast and reliable internet connection.

If you get an error message during the download it's probably just a connection error. Just press "OK" and make sure you're connected to a strong and stable internet connection.
These can also happen if the download servers are unstable. (For example just after a new big patch or event was released.)

After the download you will be asked to enter a Nickname.
Your Nickname can be up to 10 characters long.

The next step will be collection your presents.
Just click OK and then click the orange button at the bottom right.

Next you will be greeted by Clea.
You can open the text options by clicking on the little arrow in the top right corner.

Next you will be asked to select a 5★ character from a set pool of characters.
This choice is important as it will likely be a character who will accompany you throughout the game for a long time.
You will not be forced to use this character, but with 5★ being the highest rarity, you generally want to use it.
The general rules for choosing the right character are the following:
- Go mainly for a character you like.
- The easiest classes are mages, warriors and knights.
- Choosing a Priest or Alchemist is not inherently bad, but they are usually not as useful until late-game.
- While there are stronger and weaker characters, tier-lists don't really exist (since there is not pvp in this game).

Click on the big yellow button once you are happy with your selection.
A pop-up window will appear.
The right button confirms your choice while the left button cancels it.
You'll then be guided to the roll where you receive your character.

Similar to step 5.

Once you chose a roll, the intro video will start playing while more data is downloading in the background.
Make sure you're connected to a fast and reliable internet connection.
Once the download is done you'll get the pop-up message pictured above. You just need to press "OK".

If you get an error message during the download it's probably just a connection error. Just press "OK" and make sure you're connected to a strong and stable internet connection.
These can also happen if the download servers are unstable. (For example just after a new big patch or event was released.)

You will be guided through a beginner tutorial and several instructions on how to play.
Just follow the arrow instruction, you can't really do anything wrong at this point.

First steps in the Game[edit | edit source]


Please read the following text carefully because it can decide the future of your account.

How to bind your account so you can switch between devices or restore your data in case your lose access to your device.

  1. Click on the "Menu" button at the top right of your screen.
  2. Click on the Settings button at the bottom left of the menu. It's the Button with two pink cogwheels.
  3. Once you're in the Settings menu, you'll see a lot of big buttons on your screen. Click on the button at the bottom left.
  4. Now you can choose between one of two options:
    1. Binding your account using an ID and a password:
      • If you click the top button you will be able to generate an ID and add a password. You will be asked to enter the password after clicking the button. These can be used to login into your account from a different device ONCE.
      • The ID and password are onetime use which means that once you used them they won't work again. They also have an expiration date of six months. The exact expiration date will be shown once you generate the code.
      • You will see this screen after successfully creating your ID and password.
    2. Binding your account using a Google or Apple account:
      • If you click on the Google/Apple button in the middle you can link your Kirara Fantasia account to a Google/Apple account.
      • This is the preferred method of binding your account since it's the fastest and most secure. Some people have reported their account unbinding after a while but the only confirmed cause for that is if you edit personal details of the connected Google account (for example changing your Name on your Google account).
      • You will see this screen after successfully binding your account.
    3. Just to be extra safe:
      • You can use both methods at the same time without any side effects. If you really value your account, why not bind it to a Google or Apple account and generate an ID + password.

IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, the generated ID + password will ONLY LAST FOR 6 MONTHS. Yes, this means you need to create a new ID + password for your account every 6 months if you don't use the Google/Apple method! And even the Google/Apple binding has been reported to not work flawlessly, so why not rebind that from time to time aswell just to be on the safe side. To make sure you don't forget to renew your ID/password you can set a reminder in your calender of choice or use websites like or These websites allow you to send an email to yourself after a set time (6 months in this case).

To login to your account from a different device, go to the title screen of the game on that device, click the 2nd button from the bottom left (a window should pop up) and choose your login method of choice.

Click the first button in that window to type in your ID and password or click the second button to log in with your Google/Apple account.

(There is also a guide on How to recover an account.)

Write down your User ID[edit | edit source]

This may not be relevant if you bound your account by using either of above mentioned two methods, yet this is another means to backup your account. The User ID (which is different from both your User Name and the ID you got for binding your account using an ID and a password) is displayed at the upper right corner of the title screen or on you User Profile which is accessible from the Settings screen of the main menu. Instead of writing it down, taking a screenshot of either of these two screens will just do as well.

The User ID will be needed in case you want to contact the developpers for some troubleshooting, as they need the ID to confirm your account. If you bound your account by either of above mentioned two methods, reinstalling the app and retrieving your account by using your ID and password/your Google or Apple account might already solve the problem, so it's recommended to try to do this first before you try to contact the developpers, as you could skip writing in Japanese by this.

(The only other purpose for the User ID is to be shared with other people so they can directly add you as a friend, but this is not why you should write down your User ID as one of the first steps.)

Beginner Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • Try to add Friends. You can use friend units for 5 turns every battle, even level 100 units. If you used a guest unit in a fight you'll be asked to send them a friend request at the end of the battle. Clicking the right button will send the request.
  • Don't blindly roll for units with your Starlight Stones (blue gems). Wait for the right events and banners to get the most out of your stones.
  • You should start with a 4★ selection ticket which you can redeem at the Summoning house. That ticket allows you to summon a 4★ character of your choice.
    • While not necessary, it might be clever to use this ticket to obtain a character that doesn't have any 3★ or (available) 5★. (i.e. characters that only exist as a 4★ in the game.) Some of those characters would be Tomokane, Iroi Saku, Sawatari Uki or Noda Miki. There are a couple other ones, but those are less useful for beginners.
  • You can increase the combat speed and change a lot of interesting settings in the Game Options. You can find these in the Settings.
  • Don't spend gems on replenishing stamina or skipping training sessions. It's not worth it.
  • You get a gold/silver/bronze rating after finishing a stage depending on how many of your units died. This score doesn't change anything about the rewards or experience you get and you just need to gold-crown it once for the clear bonus.
  • Having some (leveled up) gold buildings in your town can not only save you from having to farm for gold, but they are also an easy way to clear the daily "Tap 10 Gold/Item/Character bubbles in Town." Mission since the building takes just one minute to refresh for a new tap.
  • Upgrading the lower tier weapons is not really necessary. You should advance the story fast enough to get materials for making better weapons.
  • You can (and later will have to) upgrade your room. This not only increases the amount of Kirara Coins (blue K-Coins) you can hold, but also allows you to have 5 additional characters appear in your town from time to time once your room is level 3. You can upgrade your room while zooming out in the town and then clicking on the room building (the one that looks like a tree).
  • Bronze, Silver and Gold Clocks restore 10%, 50% and 100% of your maximum stamina respectively. Since your maximum stamina increases with each level-up, it might be clever not to waste too many of your Clocks early on in the game.
  • Check out the Help and FAQ page for answers to common questions and links to useful websites.