Great Detective Coronet and The Tragedy of Yuu Translation Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Fourth Incident......?[edit | edit source]

Kamuri: Now that dinner time's over, we shall investigate the dining room now. I would like the two of you to help out as well.

Kirara, Yuuko: Alright.

Kamuri: Yuuko, you remember what's that sound back then?

Yuuko: Ah, I forgot to tell you..... Outside, somehow a big rock had shattered.

Yuuko: It seemed like it fell from a high place......

Kamuri: A rock.....

Yuuko: Yeah. This. I picked up one of its fragments, you wanna have a look?

Kamuri: Mmmmm.......

Kirara: I wonder if this too is related to the case.

Kamuri: We'll go to the site later.....but now, we'll have to investigate the dining room first.

Yuuko: But the dining room had been investigated earlier by Lamp, so she's probably obtained some clues already.......

Kamuri: Judging by her look just now, she hasn't. So there's a high probability that some evidence still remains there.

Kamuri: Anyway we're going to the dining room now, so I'd like you to follow me.


Kamuri: .......Have you found anything?

Kirara: No, I found nothing......

Yuuko: There isn't anywhere that seems suspicious.

Kamuri: ......Then I'll investigate the kitchen. The two of you, keep looking in the dining room for a little longer.

Kirara, Yuuko: Okay.


Kamuri: I can't find anything. I'm confused.

Kamuri: The karasumi incident is difficult. I'm getting confused. And also.

Kamuri: I'm hungry. Is there anything to eat.....

Kamuri: Hm?

Kamuri: ......In such a spot like this, an empty salt bottle is hidden here.

Kamuri: Is this the salt bottle that Yuuko had been talking about? .....Hmm?

Kamuri: Even it's just a bit but some of the salt has spilled on the floor..... And there seems to be a line of salt that's coming from the dining room, bit by bit.

Kamuri: Where exactly does this lead to? What's over at this direction.....A cupboard?


Kamuri: Huh? Just now, I felt something went past right in front of me.......

(Swaying, swaying......)

(Ghost flies through Kamuri)

Kamuri: Eh!? That now was......!?


Kamuri: It hurts.

(Kamuri collapses)

Yuuko: I thought I just heard a scream just now!?

Kirara: Is something wrong? Kamuri-san! .......Ahhh! Kamuri-san!

Kamuri: ............

Yuuko: Kamuri! Kamuri! Hang in there!

Kirara: Please wake up, Kamuri-san!

Kirara: Someone's been attacked in the pension once again......

Kirara: I can't believe it'd come to this.......!

Yuuko: Kamuri! Kamuri!

Kamuri: ............Mmm.

Yuuko: Kamuri! You're awake!?

Kirara: How are you feeling!? Are you feeling dizzy or wanting to vomit?

Kamuri: I'm okay. I was so absorbed back then that I hit my head.

Yuuko: That's what happened. Thank goodness......

Kamuri: .....More importantly you two. There's a cupboard here that a salt trail continues to.

Kamuri: Perhaps there are some clues inside.

Yuuko: Clues!?

Kamuri: Yeah. So let's open this right awa-....

???: Wait!

Kirara, Kamuri, Yuuko: !?

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