Hibari, Rii-san and the Flower of Happiness Translation Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Berserk, End[edit | edit source]

Sabo: ........What happened to me?

Hibari: Oh thank goodness.......Sabo, you're back to your senses.

(People in town gathering around.....)

Townsman: I wonder what's going on? Did something happen?

Townsman: Eehhh!? The vegetation around here has withered even worse than other places!

Botan: .......The townsmen here have all gathered in order to understand what the disturbance is about.

Hibari: ......For now, let's first get Sabo back to the garden.

Hanako: Then Hibari-chan and Rii-san, please take Sabo and get back.

Yuki: And about the townsmen, we'll somehow frame it as something else, and explain it to them.

Yuuri: Thank you, everyone.......

Translation by - Mann -
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