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Chapter 8: The Spreading Secret[edit | edit source]

(People gathering)

Sabo: Wow. There're lots of people......! There're lots of plants too......!

Yuuri: We've brought you here as this garden fair just opened recently. What do you think?

Sabo: It looks fun! Thank you!

Hibari: But remember you have to be as obedient as you can.

Sabo: Sure!

Sabo: ......Ah! Those flowers, they're so big, and they also look like the sun!

Yuuri: Oh, they really are. I suppose they're sunflowers.

Sabo: So "sunflower" is what they're called?

Yuuri: That's how we call them back in our own worlds.

Sabo: Then, how do you call of those red flowers over there?

Hibari: I'm sure they're roses alright.

Sabo: This is awesome. There's actually such a huge variety of flowers in here!

Sabo: Then then, the small ones over here are......

Hibari: Hmm. I wonder what kind of flowers are these? With their calming colours they're really cute flowers.

Merchant: Hello dear customer, are you interested in these flowers?

Hibari: Eh......Ah, yes.

Sabo: ...........

Merchant: We're about to close our shop for today, but if we manage to sell these ones as well, we'd be able to empty our stock.

Merchant: I'll make it cheaper, so would you like to buy them? ......How about this amount on money?

Yuuri: Eh, but this is even cheaper than half of the original price..... You're really fine with this price?

Merchant: Yeah. You're the ones who took an interest in these flowers and wanted to buy them after all.

Hibari: Since you made such a offer, we'll gladly take it then. ......I feel somewhat sorry for the overly cheap price.

Merchant: Never mind. Thanks ma'am!

Yuuri: Let's plant them in our garden later. We're surprisingly lucky with this.

Hibari: We're as lucky as when I bought some fertiliser lately. Well in general my luck has been quite good recently.

Hanako (off screen): Ahー! I lost my wallet!

Hibari: ? The voice I just heard now was......


Hibari: As I thought it was Hanako back then.

Hanako: Ah. It's Hibari-chan and Rii-san......

Yuuri: You said you lost your wallet right? What happened?

Yuki: That happened when we decided to buy some pretty flowers.

Botan: And it seems like Hanako-san has dropped her wallet somewhere.....

Hibari: You're as unlucky as always as I'd expect huh......

Hanako: Ehehe..... But I was really lucky today, as I get to look at a whole bunch of pretty flowers here!

Yuki: That's Anne-chan for you alright!

Yuuri: Speaking of which, the three of you are always together recently.

Yuki: That's because I somehow managed to got along with Anne-chan!

Hanako: I had lots of fun together with Yuki-chan.

Botan: Yuki-san got along with me as she's as enigmatic as myself. She's like an angel to me.

Hibari: ......W-Well, it's great that you've become close friends.

Botan: We're out for a walk today, and we saw crowds gathering in the fair here, so we stopped by and had a look.

Yuki: The various plants here in the garden fair that I've never seen before makes me really excited.

Hanako: Hibari-chan and Rii-san, you're carrying a potted plant as well. Did you buy that here?

Sabo: !

Yuuri: Eh, yeah. That's right. It's certainly a cute cactus right?

Yuki: Heeh. This part here somehow looks like a face or something.

Hanako: You're right. It's even got like a mouth. ......Perhaps it can even speak too!

Sabo: !!

Hibari: R-Right. It'd be interesting if plants could actually talk.

Hibari: Now then, Rii-san. Let's go and take a look at what's over there.

Yuuri: Good idea. Then Yuki-san, everyone, we'll be going now.

Yuki: Ah, Rii-san!

(Hibari and Rii-san exit screen)

Hanako: They're gone.

Yuki: Weren't they somehow panicking a bit?

Botan: Really? Yet I didn't notice that......

Yuki: Hmmm.......


Hibari: Fuuh. We totally got back here later than expected.

Yuuri: Fufu, cause we brought Sabo to look around here and there.

Sabo: I'm sorry. All of those are completely new to me after all.

Yuuri: Don't worry. We're never mad about this. We had a lot of fun ourselves as well.

Hibari: It was interesting to us too, as there're lots of places that we still never know of.

Hibari: From the garden fair, to the commercial area and the avenues, those were some of such places.

Yuuri: Let's go on a walk together some time again.

Sabo: Yeah! I wanna go again!

Hibari: You're right. This time we can perhaps travel further away to the outskirts of town.

Sabo: The outskirts of town!? I wanna see it!

Yuuri: But we need to replant you on garden soil for today, so we'll have to wait for next time.

Sabo: I'm looking forward to going out!

Hibari: Then, I'll grab the shovel over there...... Ah.

Hibari: You guys.....Why are you here?

Yuki: Hey! That plant, it just spoke, didn't it!?


Yuki: .....Sorry, Rii-san. We just followed you in secret.

Yuuri: I lent this garden to the School Living Club after all, so I'm not really concerned about that.....

Hanako: But more importantly, this is incredible! It's a speaking cactus!

Hanako: The part that we imagined to be a face, is actually a face after all.

Sabo: U-Umm. Uh...

Botan: Ah, please don't face down and raise your head. ......If you don't mind looking at the likes of me.

Sabo: T-That's not it! I-I'm just embarrassed that's all!

Yuki: You're cute. What's your name?

Sabo: Sabo!

Hanako: Sabo from "Saboten" huh. It's a good name that's easy to remember.

TL: Saboten (サボテン)= Cactus

Sabo: Thanks!

Hibari: ......Rii-san. Seems like we've already revealed the secret about Sabo to Hanako and the others.

Yuuri: We did. But everyone's getting to like Sabo by the looks of it.

Yuuri: From now on, it'll be a secret not only between us, but instead among the five of us, including Yuki-chan and the others.

Yuki: So Rii-san and Hibari took care of Sabo all along. That means you two have become Sabo's mamas, right?

Hibari: I guess we've become just that.

Yuuri: Indeed, speaking of mama, we're certainly it's mamas.

Botan: Huh? It doesn't call you mama?

Hanako: Hey Sabo. How do you call the two of them?

Sabo: Rii-san and Hibari.

Hanako: Not mama?

Sabo: ..........Mama sounds somewhat... I don't like it, since it's a way of calling by little children......

Sabo: And I'm not a kid anymore!

Yuuri: My, my.

Hibari: Fufu.

Sabo: Ahー! They laughedー!

Hanako: Sabo is so cute.

Yuuri: Right? It really is.

Hibari: With it being this cute, it'd be nice if it forever remains as a child like this.

Sabo: Geez! As I said before, I'm not a kid anymore!

Translation by - Mann -
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