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This guide is based on this reddit thread by KKohaku21 with some additional information by Laura#9720 and will take you through the steps to recover your Kirara Fantasia account in case that you've lost access to it.

Requesting the recovery mail[edit | edit source]

Firstly, head over to

Then, fill out the form as outlined in the picture below.

This is just a thumbnail.
Click on it to view the image in full size.

You can copy and paste this text for the final text box: アカウントを落としました。 There's also an alternative version if you want to sound more regretful: アカウント落としてしまいました ...

After clicking the green box, you should be lead to another page, with another green box.

Just click the green box again, it's just a confirmation page.

Now you play the waiting game. Usually, you'll get a reply pretty fast. They have an automated response system after all.

The first reply can usually be disregarded. You're looking for an email that has something like the text in the table below (in the "Japanese text" column).

Filling out the form in the email[edit | edit source]

The examples in the following table are just that, examples. Don't blindly copy and paste them into your reply email!
If you're not sure about any fields, put in 忘れました。 which translates to "I forgot."

Japanese text Explanation Example
◆復元希望のユーザーID: This is where you put your friend code. 94XGESMF9J
◆ユーザー名: Your in-game name. MrRecovery
◆アプリを開始した年月日: When you started the game, an estimated date is fine.
If you're typing an estimated date, type a range and add "くらい" behind it, it means estimated/about.
Info: This game launched on 2017/12/11, but had some trouble with maintenance and was playable around the 14th.
2018/10/25 - 2015/10/27くらい
(Don't forget that Japanese dates are formatted YYYY/MM/DD)
◆最終ログイン日時: Put your last login here, last login being the last time you actually saw the town.
Put a date and time, then a くらい behind it if you can't remember exactly.
(This one works like the one above)
◆アプリ利用中、最後に使用されていた端末名: Put your phone model and version number here. iPhone8、SO-01G
◆最後に行われたクエストとプレイ日時: Your last played quest, and the estimated time.
You can find the name of the story quests on this page. Getting the name of event quests might be a bit more difficult since they are not listed there.
If you're not sure about this one you can always put in 忘れました。 which translates to "I forgot."
曜日クエスト 黄金平原 資金集めクエスト中級】を10/10 18:00ごろにプレイ
The green text should be replaced with the name of the quest and the orange text with an estimated time of when you played said quest.
(The colors are just for demonstration, and once again don't forget that Japanese dates are formatted YYYY/MM/DD)
1:Your party formation, if you remember it. If you don't remember, just put the 5 units you remember.
2:Format is (Character name)・Class・Rarity・Element
3:Character names are in Japanese, and you can find them on their character pages on this page.
4:Classes are: せんし - Warrior, ナイト - Knight, まほうつかい - Mage, そうりょ - Priest and アルケミスト - Alchemist.
5:Elements are: 火 - Fire, 水 - Water, 風 - Wind, 土 - Earth, 陽 - Sun/Light, 月 - Moon/Dark
(this is just the example for one character. You want to have five of these.)
◆ランク: Your player rank, an estimate is fine. 58
◆直近の召喚で得た★4または★5キャラクターの名称: Most recent 4/5★ obtained from the gacha. Same format as two above. 九条カレン・せんし・★5・月属性
(Same format as two above.)
◆設定されていた引き継ぎID: Your past bind codes, if any. If you're not sure, put "忘れました。" HPK7XQ

Steps after replying to your recovery mail[edit | edit source]

Once you've filled out the form and sent your reply, it's time to play the waiting game again.This time, you won't get an automated response, so depending on how many "忘れました。" you filled in, the reply you get will vary. If you see the following in the email, you've succeeded:


引き継ぎID:Bind code



You can then login using the bind code and password. If you don't know how to do that, carefully read the complete steps outlined in the 6th step of this guide. After you did that you should not only know how to login using the Bind code and Password, but also how to make sure you never lose your account again.

They didn't reply with a bind code and password[edit | edit source]

If you fail the recovery they'll send it back to you and ask you to clarify, and if you fail too many times they'll ask you for gem purchase history as proof. If you don't have that, then your account probably done for.

For android users:

Log into > other purchase history > kirara fantasia and get the transaction ID, date and amount.

For iOS users:

iTunes store > scroll down and select Apple ID > Purchase history > Take a screenshot of a Kirafan purchase and send it as your reply.

Help, I'm having trouble with certain steps/this whole process and am not sure how to continue.[edit | edit source]

If you properly read this guide, but are still having trouble with certain steps or the whole process in general you can always ask for help in the support channel of the Kirara Fantasia Discord Server or create a thread in the Kirara Fantasia subreddit.
As long as you're friendly and provide enough information you should find people who are willing to help.

IMPORTANT: What you should do after successfully recovering your account![edit | edit source]

To prevent his from ever happening again, you should properly bind your account. Please read the following text carefully because it can decide the future of your account.

How to bind your account so you can switch between devices or restore your data in case your lose access to your device.

  1. Click on the "Menu" button at the top right of your screen.
  2. Click on the Settings button at the bottom left of the menu. It's the Button with two pink cogwheels.
  3. Once you're in the Settings menu, you'll see a lot of big buttons on your screen. Click on the button at the bottom left.
  4. Now you can choose between one of two options:
    1. Binding your account using an ID and a password:
      • If you click the top button you will be able to generate an ID and add a password. You will be asked to enter the password after clicking the button. These can be used to login into your account from a different device ONCE.
      • The ID and password are onetime use which means that once you used them they won't work again. They also have an expiration date of six months. The exact expiration date will be shown once you generate the code.
      • You will see this screen after successfully creating your ID and password.
    2. Binding your account using a Google or Apple account:
      • If you click on the Google/Apple button in the middle you can link your Kirara Fantasia account to a Google/Apple account.
      • This is the preferred method of binding your account since it's the fastest and most secure. Some people have reported their account unbinding after a while but the only confirmed cause for that is if you edit personal details of the connected Google account (for example changing your Name on your Google account).
      • You will see this screen after successfully binding your account.
    3. Just to be extra safe:
      • You can use both methods at the same time without any side effects. If you really value your account, why not bind it to a Google or Apple account and generate an ID + password.

IMPORTANT: As mentioned above, the generated ID + password will ONLY LAST FOR 6 MONTHS. Yes, this means you need to create a new ID + password for your account every 6 months if you don't use the Google/Apple method! And even the Google/Apple binding has been reported to not work flawlessly, so why not rebind that from time to time aswell just to be on the safe side. To make sure you don't forget to renew your ID/password you can set a reminder in your calender of choice or use websites like or These websites allow you to send an email to yourself after a set time (6 months in this case).

To login to your account from a different device, go to the title screen of the game on that device, click the 2nd button from the bottom left (a window should pop up) and choose your login method of choice.

Click the first button in that window to type in your ID and password or click the second button to log in with your Google/Apple account.

(There is also a guide on How to recover an account.) Though since you're already on that page this information is redundant.