Is the Order a Rabbit in a Different World? Translation

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Introductory Scenario[edit | edit source]

Introduction: We Can't Keep Playing Around?

Scenario Quest・Part 1[edit | edit source]


Level 1: This Can't Continue On! Part 1

Level 2: This Can't Continue On! Part 2

Level 3: Looking for Jobs, Part 1

Level 4: Looking for Jobs, Part 2

Level 5: Let's Open One!

Level 6: Heading to Kanna's Place

Level 7: Let's Build A Shop

Level 8: What Kind of Cafe Do You Want It to be?

Level 9: The Shop's Commitment

Scenario Quest・Part 2[edit | edit source]


Level 10: A Perfectly Browned Match

Level 11: Forgetting the Time

Level 12: Promoting the Cafe

Level 13: In Charge of Publicity?

Level 14: Cocoa's Flyers

Level 15: Something's Missing......?

Level 16: The Indispensable Rabbit

Level 17: Is the Order?