Is the Order a Rabbit in a Different World? Translation Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Let's Build A Shop[edit | edit source]

Voice Cast
Character Seiyuu (Voice Actor)
Hoto Cocoa (保登心愛) Sakura Ayane (佐倉綾音)
Kafuu Chino (香風智乃) Minase Inori (水瀬いのり)
Kirara (きらら) Kusunoki Tomori (楠木ともり)
Kanna (カンナ) Hisaka Yōko (日笠陽子)

Kanna: .....You're quick to look for me again, this time saying you want a build a shop. So, what shop are you trying to open?

Cocoa: You see, we want to be otherworldly international barista attorneys in town while writing novels!

TL: This sentence is so damn hard to comprehend....

Kanna: I see. Then you'll need an office.

Cocoa: Yeah yeah!

Chino: She got it wrong! It's a cafe!

Kanna: Oh, your work must be quite extensive then.

Chino: Please just forget what Cocoa-san said earlier. Actually......


Kanna: So that's what's going on. Got it, I'll prepare one for you over here.

Cocoa: Really!?

Kanna: Yeah. I'll let you know when I'm done, so wait for a while.

Cocoa: We did it, Chino-chan! We'll be able to work in the Rabbit House here at last!

Chino: Right! Though I'm surprised that things are progressing this smoothly......

Kirara: Kanna-san, we came just to leave our request, but are you sure you're going to accept it that quickly......?

Kirara: Wouldn't there be issues with other projects, and what about the money......

Kanna: That doesn't really matter. I'm not particularly busy right now, so I'm fine with you deferring the payment.

Kanna: All that's left is some delicious alcohol for me in your shop, then I'll be satisfied.

Chino: Since it's a cafe, the sale of alcohol would be......

Kanna: Oh, so you won't sell alcohol?

Chino: Plus we're still minors after all......

Cocoa: In exchange, we'll provide a special discount exclusive to you only, Kanna-san!

Kanna: I have my meals in Leine's place you know.....

Kirara: If that's so, how about you come here together with Leine-san?

Kirara: Kanna-san too, you need to treat Leine-san once in a while as well!

Kanna: ............

Kanna: ......Well, I suppose you do have a point.

Translation by - Mann -
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