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The Library is an information bank that allows you to read about the world of Etowaria and the characters that live there, to know about the series from which your characters come from, and also to watch cutscenes and reread stories.

Title List[edit]

Title List button.png

This section contains a brief description of all the series whose characters are included in the game. Tapping a button will display the series logo along with the description. All the series are manga that have been serialized in one of the Manga Time Kirara magazines.


Glossary button.png

This section contains definitions for common terms within the game, like "Etowaria", or the classes' names ("Warrior", for instance).

Character Dictionary[edit]

Character Dictionary button.png

Contains a list with all the characters exclusive to the game (as in, the ones that aren't from one of the series), like the protagonist, Kirara. Every button displays a short bio and portrait, along with the illustrator for the in-game art and voice actor.

Rewatch Stories[edit]

Rewatch Stories button.png

In this section you can rewatch all the cutscenes you have already seen. This is also where the character bond side stories appear, in case you didn't read them right when they became available.

Main Scenario[edit]

Main Scenario.png

Contains all the cutscenes from the main quest. Click here to read story translations.

Event Scenario[edit]

Event Scenario button.png

Contains the cutscenes from the event stories. Click here to read the current and previous event translations.

Character Scenario[edit]

Character Scenario button.png

Contains the cutscenes for the character side stories, which are unlocked with Bond levels. Click here to read character scenario translations.

OP Movie[edit]

OP movie button.png

Tapping this button will play the game opening sequence.