Mysterious Island and Trial of Bonds Translation Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Further Trials, Part 2[edit | edit source]

Kanata: A rock....?

Emily: It's a rock.

Lamp: Yeah, that's a rock.

Emily: It's certainly nice to meet the two of you......

Kanata: But with a huge rock like this blocking the path, I suppose we've reached a dead end.

Lamp: Huh? There's something written on the side of the rock.

Emily: What does it say?

Lamp: "Combine the strengths of those who have reached here, and by adapting together, push it with uniform forces. If that is done, the path will open itself."

Kanata: Even if it says so.....

Emily: Ah, look. There are hand-shaped dents on the surface of the rock.

Lamp: The rock shines when Emily-sama puts her hand onto it!

Kanata: Then, I'll also.....

Kanata: Ah, it's glowing.

Emily: Hey, Lamp you too, come over here quickly.

Lamp: Me too!?

Emily: Combine the strengths of those who have reached here..... What do you think?

Lamp: Y-Yes. Then......

Kanata: Then as I say "Ready, go" we'll push it.

Emily: With a rock as big as this, we're gonna push it with all our might.

Lamp: I may be weak, but I'll help out as well!

Emily, Kanata, Lamp: Ready......go!


Emily: It hasn't moved, without a twitch.

Lamp: Seems like I'm not that useful at all.....

Kanata: Don't give up just yet. Let's try that again?

Emily, Kanata, Lamp: Ready......go!


Lamp: Ah, it still doesn't work~ The rock hasn't moved one bit.

Kanata: As I thought, maybe we've gone on the wrong path.

Lamp: I'm sorry. I'm just too weak for this.....

Emily: "By adapting together, push it with uniform forces"...... Could this mean....

Kanata: Emily, have you understood something?

Emily: It's not the sum of the forces that matters, but I think it means we have to be uniform.

Lamp: Uniform?

Emily: Just now, didn't we push the rock with all we've got? However the forces that we used to push it were all over the place.

Kanata: Ah, then by "adapting" it would mean we have to adjust our forces such that they're equal?

Emily: You'll never know until you try. Let's do it again. Remember to push uniformly.

Kanata: Then let's adapt to match Lamp's strength.

Lamp: Uuu, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Kanata: Then, ready......go!

Lamp: We did it!

Emily: Yeah, thanks to the help from the two of you.

Kanata: It's really difficult to make our forces uniform.

Emily: Cause it's not just only about exerting forces. It's also necessary to match your partner's breathing and senses.

Lamp: This is also the power of Bonds! It's the same for "beach volleyball"!

Kanata: I guess....they're the same?

Emily: So that's what cooperation means.

Emily: Alright, Claire and the others are surely ahead of us by now, so let us go as well.

Kanata: Yeah.

Translation by - Mann -
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