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Introduction: Beach Volleyball in Etoilia![edit | edit source]

Kanata: Haruka! Line!

TL: Okay so there are a couple of beach volleyball slangs that Haruka and co. say, which I'll denote with Italic. I'm gonna try to explain them below.

"Line" (ライン) means a line shot, which basically means a shot to hit the ball such that it goes parallel, and very close to the sideline on the opponents court.

Haruka: Okay!

Claire: My bad, I'll leave it to you, Emily!

Emily: Ugh......! Claire!

Kirara: Ahh.... What an intense battle of attack and defense! Just by watching this makes me nervous......

Lamp: Kirara-san! Sta-! Stay focused and keep watching!

Kirara: A-Alright!

Kanata: Haruka, nobody!

 "Nobody" (ノーバディ) is also a slang, which apparently is only used in Japan, since I don't see any explainations of this slang in Western sites. "Nobody" means to aim an attack on where there's no one positioned for defense.

Haruka: Alright!

Claire: Not so fast!

Haruka: A block!?

Claire: Yahー!

Emily: Claire, nice block.

Haruka: Awww..... I thought I'd score a point with that.

Claire: Fufufu, seems like you still have a long way to go.

Lamp: Ahhh~~! This is incredible! I'm amazed! I never thought I'd see your "beach volleyball" in person!

Haruka: You're exaggerating. It's just a practice match.

Lamp: No no! It was very intense!

Lamp: I'm fascinated by the well coordinated attacks by Claire-sama and Emily-sama's twins pair.....

Lamp: I'm also moved by the mutual trust of cousins between Haruka-sama and Kanata-sama's pair!

Haruka: Nah, it isn't anything much really~

Lamp: Also, together with the mysterious phrases like "Nobody", the ball was sent back and forth intensively......

Lamp: That's it! It's almost like magic!

Haruka: Ahaha, magic huh~

Kanata: If I remember correctly, in the past female beach volleyball players are referred to as "the Oriental Sorceresses".

Claire: So you mean that we're "the Magicians on Sand"?

Emily: Don't get carried away.

Haruka: It's only the first time I've heard about this since my transfer to Okinawa, about how awesome beach volleyball is, and how fun it is.

Lamp: Ehh! Just by watching a game, it feels like my body is igniting.

Haruka: Ah, so then, Kirara and Lamp should try it out for real as well!

Lamp: M-Me and Kirara-san!?

Kirara: Playing "beach volleyball"!?

Claire: Ooh, that's a great idea. Since it's Kirara and Lamp..... they'd be the Kiraran Pair?

TL: Keep in mind that in Japanese, "Lamp" is pronouced as "Ranpu" (ランプ), hence Kiraran.

Haruka: Yeah! It'll surely be a lot more fun if you're actually playing yourselves, and not just watching!

Kanata: I'll also teach you properly. ......How's that?

Kirara: I-I understand! It's a great opportunity, so I'll be in your care!

Lamp: I'm also honoured to be instructed by the Harukana Pair, and the Emilaire Pair!

Emily: So, since it's your first time, let's do something easy, forearm passes on balls that are passed.

Kirara, Lamp: P-Please go ahead!


Claire: Remember not to let the ball fall on the ground.

Kirara: H-Here I go, Lamp! that.....Uwaaahh!

Lamp: W-Where's the ball!?

Kirara: It's over there, Lamp! Umm, on the, left!

Lamp: T-There! K.....Kirara-san, pass!

Kirara: Kyaa!

Haruka: Ooh, a face block. She really has the guts~


Lamp: Haah.....Haah......I can't......continue anymore......

Kirara: I never thought sports on the sand would be this difficult.....

Haruka: Ahaha, at first my feet always got stuck in the sand as well.

Lamp: The most important thing is, it's really difficult for us to synchronise.....

Kirara: That's right. What the opponent would want, or what we would want, can't be clearly communicated......

Claire: Here you see, is where things like eye contact come into play.

Lamp: Even if you say so.....

Kanata: Hmmm~ We're able to do this often, all because we're used to it and we've practised a lot.

Emily: If you two learn to trust each other, you'll be able to understand not only your own thoughts, but also your partner's.

Claire: Yeah. If you can do that then I'm sure that Kirara and Lamp can become a well coordinated pair.

Kirara: Is that so.....?

Haruka: And also become irreplaceable partners!

Lamp: That's amazing! It's like a destined couple!

Kanata: C-Couple......!? T..T-That's a bit too.....

Haruka: Isn't it fine too? Cause partners and pairs are also couples!

Kanata: .....Oh, Haruka you dummy!

Translation by - Mann -
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