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Party Members and Forming a Party[edit]

The Form a Party Screen
  • You can have up to 10 different squads
  • The icon with the pencil above allows you to name your squad whatever you like
  • To your left is your party members you can choose up to 3 party members and 2 sub members who will sub in for any of your party members if they happen to be defeated in a battle
  • The first option to your right is the clear party option this gets rid of any of the party or sub members you currently have in the squad of your choosing
  • The second option to your right will show you your party's current stats
  • The final option to your right will generate random party members and sub members into one of your squads
  • [The plus sign allows you to equip weapons to your characters](


Cost is very important as it will determine who you can fit in your squad and who you can't

  • The amount of cost you have goes up by 1 each time you level up
  • As of right now 5 star characters are 15 cost, 4 star characters are 10 cost, and 3 star characters are 5 cost
  • If you happen to equip a weapon to one of your characters, depending on the weapon, it can increase your characters cost by 2, 4 or 6