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How To[edit]


  1. Select one of the categories of quests:
    1. Main Quests are the main storyline which always contain a cutscene (see here {insert link} to navigate) and main quests are repeatable to farm loot drops but the one-time Summon Jewel x5 will only be received for the first time the quest is completed. (See Main Quests for more details)
    2. Daily Quests are quests that change with every daily reset and offer themed enhancement and evolution materials. (See Daily Quests for more details)
  2. Battle quests are distinct from cutscene-only quests by having enemy elements depicted. See here {insert}
  3. Previously completed quests are depicted with either a bronze, silver, or gold crown {insert}(See Advanced for distinction). Quests that have yet to be completed have a greyed out icon.
  4. Tap the lower right chest icon of a battle quest to see the possible loot drops. {insert}
  5. The number listed next to the pink stopwatch {insert} is the amount of stamina the quest requires in order to attempt.
  6. Upon selecting a quest, you are brought to either a cutscene or [the party select screen]( (See [this page]( for more details). If it's a cutscene, just navigate it with [the pull-out menu]( that is activated by tapping the arrow in the top-right or by tapping anywhere else on the screen to advance a dialogue at a time. Otherwise, continue to prepare for battle:
  7. After forming a party within your cost limit, tap the bottom-right button to continue to support selection.
    1. Note: At any point, you can tap the top-left arrow {insert} to return back one screen.
  8. The default series-preference for the Support list is random. That means that a single friend's support may change with every quest according to however many supports they setup on their game. Tap the left button to change which series will appear. Refresh the list with the third button from the right. Filter and sort the list with the second and first-most buttons from the right, respectively. {insert multi}
    1. Choosing a guest support will allow you to request them as a friend after the battle if they have enough slots available for more friends.
  9. After selecting a support, you will move to the screen that shows the entire roster of characters available to you for the battle. {insert} Tap the bottom-right button to spend the required stamina and enter the battle. {insert}
  1. Tap the "Auto" button in the top right to allow the computer to auto-battle for you. Otherwise, continue to choose how to deploy commands and skills.
  2. Tap the "Menu" button to access the Battle Menu. [See here for Battle Menu]( Tap "Close" to close the Battle Menu. Tap "Withdraw" to abort the quest. Tap "Battle options" for additional options.
    1. The sliders in the Battle options are to adjust the sound. Scroll down to see [the Battle settings]( which you can adjust to adjust the speed of battle and most importantly, whether you want the computer to auto-pick who uses their Last Resort and when (see below).
  3. There are 3 types of commands you can use for characters when it's their turn. Normal attack, class skills, and weapon skill. Up to 4 commands can be slotted for a character and they are all found at the bottom, next to their portrait. [See here]( for where the normal attack is. [Where the class skills are]( and [where the weapon skill]( is.
    1. With one of the commands selected (select the command by sliding to it or single tapping one that is not already selected), a grey/pink/blue cursor will appear over one or several of the enemies. If the command you have selected is a single target, you can choose a different enemy to target by tapping on them (not their gauges). If the command you selected is multi-target, several cursors will appear to indicate that the command will affect all of those enemies. Tap the command after selecting it to execute it.
    2. If the command you select buffs or heals your own party members, grey or green cursors will appear over one or several of your party members. Tap the command after selection to execute it.
  4. The timeline determines the turn order. The character who is to act next can be seen [here]( As characters act for their turn, they will move to the left on the timeline. The timeline as a whole moves to the right (carrying all character portraits with it) until a character decides how to act. Depending on which kind of command you or the enemy executes, the character will have to wait longer or shorter on the timeline for their next turn. [See here for example](
  5. As your characters continue to attack the enemies, they will build up a collective gauge for the Last Resort (とっておき). A rainbow gauge to the left of the commands fills from bottom to top for a single charge. When a single charge has been fully gained, the rainbow gauge will reset back to the bottom for the next charge and a single star will be added next to the rainbow gauge to indicate a single charge. At any point after 1-3 charges (stars) have been gained, [tap the Last Resort button]( to activate the Last Resort.
    1. Only one character is allowed to use a Last Resort per charge or star built up. The character whose turn it is will be the one to activate their Last Resort. In order to chain multiple Last Resorts together, you need to have built up that many charges/stars (2 Last Resorts = 2 stars, 3 LR = 3 stars). You also need to have all of the characters lined up next to each other on the timeline. The ability to chain their LRs together will be indicated by a rainbow-highlight on all of their portraits in the Timeline.
    2. The default is for the computer to auto-pick who uses the Last Resort when you tap the Last Resort button. To change this, see #2.1 above. If you disallow computer auto-Last Resort, you can select how many, who, and when your characters use their Last Resort like [this example](
  6. Upon defeating an enemy, they may have a chance to drop one or several items. The rarity of any received loot drops is indicated by the color of the chest: bronze, silver, gold.
  7. When all enemies have been defeated, you will see the results of the experience, gold, loot drops, and affection points gained.



{Prep: guest vs. friend for onscreen

Combat: swap, kirara skills, element rps, stun}



Main Quests[edit]

Daily Quests[edit]

Event Quests[edit]

Memorial Quests[edit]

Memorial Quests are unlocked once certain *5 characters are evolved. These quests tell their own unique tales, and all dialogues within these quests have full voice acting.