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General Information[edit]

The shops can be accessed from the main menu, in the red icon (商店街). There you have three major NPCs to visit: Cork, on the Trade Shop; Polka on the Forge and Kanna on the Architecture Shop.
For further information, visit the NPC function's specific pages.

Main Menu[edit]

Menu commercial district.png

Trade Shop[edit]

Main Menu[edit]

Menu tradeshop.png

With Cork you trade and sell your items, here is where you can catch event items too. Remember to be careful when selling something.
For more information, look at the Items or Trade Shop pages.


Main Menu[edit]

Menu blacksmith.png

Here you can create and manage your weapons.
For more information, look at the Weapons page.

Architecture Shop[edit]

Main Menu[edit]

Menu architecture.png

Since you have a town and two personal rooms, some buildings and furniture are necessary. In this shop you can expand the amount in storage (for both) however only buy movables for your rooms. The construction are on the "Town View".
For more information, look at the Buildings or Furniture pages.