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Choosing Your Support Characters[edit | edit source]

[The Support translated page](

  • This screen is used to choose the characters you would want your friends to use although it is restricted to one character per series
  • The pencil icon is used to name your squad whatever you want
  • You can choose up to 6 characters but all characters must be from different series (for example if I were to choose tooru from A Channel I would be unable to choose anyone else from A Channel for that squad)
  • You can switch between 3 squads
  • The first option on the top right removes everyone you have currently on your squad
  • The 2nd option on the top right will show you your characters current status

The Support Character System Advantages[edit | edit source]

Your friends and strangers will be able to use the characters in your support group, and you will recieve Kirara_Points Kirara Points in exchange for them using your characters.