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This page explains some common terms from the Kirara Fantasia universe.

コール Call[edit | edit source]

A form of summoning magic. It answers calls for help to anyone far and wide and lends them strength under oath. In accordance to legends passed down, a summoner by the name of Kirara, the main character, is able to use such magic. Through Clea opening the gate with the power of her key, Kirara is able to summon beings from other worlds based on the Scriptures (see below for explanations): beings that so happen to be characters from Manga Time Kirara.

エトワリア Etoilia[edit | edit source]

(presumably derived from the French word “étoile” meaning “star”)

A world ruled over by the Goddess Sola. The setting of this game. A luscious green and peaceful world, its citizens live peacefully in possession of a force called “Crea”, the source of all cheerfulness that is noted in Sola’s Scriptures.

聖典 (seiten) Scriptures[edit | edit source]

The written works in which the Goddess Sola observes the state of other worlds and transcribes the mannerisms of its people. Its contents are spread amongst each world, giving its readers the source of all cheerfulness: Crea. The beings in these Scriptures that produce this Crea are called Creamates.

クリエ Crea[edit | edit source]

(think “create” or “creator” without the “te” or “tor”, respectively)

The source of people’s will to live. Also the source of magical power to those who can use it. The people that read the Scriptures drawn by the Goddess Sola can obtain Crea this way.

オーダー Order[edit | edit source]

A form of forbidden magic. It forcefully summons a companion from another world against their will. This carries the risk of destroying the world in which the companion was summoned from. Archive uses this magic to summon the Creamates in the Goddess’s Scriptures in an ongoing attempt to rob them of their Crea. There is also the fear of the summoned bringing about strange phenomena to entire regions where the Order magic is conducted.

クリエメイト Creamates[edit | edit source]

Beings featured in the Scriptures, drawn by the Goddess. A Creamate carries the meaning of someone that produces Crea.

パス Path[edit | edit source]

A connection/link/bond that exists between people. The summoner Kirara possesses the ability to sense Paths as they are being created.

クリエケージ Crea Cage[edit | edit source]

An imprisonment whose purpose is to draw out the Crea from Creamates who were forcefully summoned by the Order magic.

星彩石 (seisaiseki) Starlight Stone[edit | edit source]

An ore filled with strong traces of Crea which can be found in Etoilia.

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