The Seven Sages - Cardamon, Part 5

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Naoki Miki.png
... Could you go out of my way?
Kuromon.png Kuromon:
Naoki Miki.png
... Cardamon-san went out to look for my senpais, right?
Naoki Miki.png
That's why I also need to go, so I can meet my senpais.
Naoki Miki.png
It's no good if I stay here.
It's no good if I simply live here in this world.
Transparent.png (Transition: start of inner thoughts)
Transparent.png This world is really kind.
Transparent.png I don't need to search for food or for a place to sleep, and they have bathtubs here so big that I can stretch my arms and legs out.
Transparent.png In the world we are from, a daily life like this might be really hard to attain.
Transparent.png That day, in that shopping mall, I tried to find the voices I heard without giving it any further thoughts.
Transparent.png If I hadn't noticed those voices back then, I still would have secluded myself behind that door even now... .
Transparent.png And this fictive me would probably choose to stay in this world, to escape from that situation, to live.
Transparent.png And yet!
Transparent.png (Transition: image of Yuki, Kurumi and Yuuri appear on screen)
Transparent.png I was rescued back then, by the senpais. And I have attained many things ever since.
Transparent.png Thank god that I am still alive.
My current self―― can give a proper answer now.
Transparent.png (Transition: end of inner thoughts)
Naoki Miki.png
Please, let me go.
Cardamon.png Cardamon:
―― There is no need to do so.
Naoki Miki.png
Cardamon-san... .
Cardamon.png Cardamon:
Man... your friends are strong as well, you know?

Translated by the_Kou

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