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This page is for any kinds of translations related to Kirara Fantasia.

Main Story[edit]

Event Quests[edit]

Current Event: Yell for All[edit]


Introductory Scenario[edit]

Introduction: Let's Cheer UP!

Season 1[edit]


Level 1: With Everyone's Strengths

Level 2: Practising While Patrolling

Level 3: Stunts

Level 4: Magical Moe Power

Level 5: Searching for Cocoa

Level 6: Fairy Circle

Level 7: Retreating for Now

Level 8: A Yell for Everyone

Season 2: Harukana Receive Route[edit]


Level 9: Take Back Our Burning Passion

Level 10: You're Not Alone Even if You Are

Season 2: Hanayamata Route[edit]


Level 11: The Preparations for Victory are Unrefined

Level 12: The Aftermath of Victory is Gorgeous

Season 2: Kill Me Baby Route[edit]


Level 13: Hole Me Tight

Level 14: The Culprit is Yasu...

Season 3[edit]


Level 15: The Serious Prank

Level 16: With Everyone's Strengths!

Level 17: The Sprites' Trauma

Level 18: This Time the Four of Us

Level 19: With Everyone's Strengths!!

Level 20: Yell for All

Previous Events[edit]

These are the events that is now offline and no longer playable in Kirara Fantasia. However their stories can still be watched in the Library. They're arranged according to release date, From earliest release to the most recent one.
Click the images to enter the corresponding event translation page.

Event Translation status
Santa Claus of Etoilia
Christmas 2017 Banner.png
30% translated
Kiniro New Year!
New Year Banner.png
0% translated
Stile Second Shop Open!
Blend S Banner.png
100% translated
Mushroom Baby
KMB Banner.png
0% translated
Chocolate Quest
Chocoquest PU.png
Translation in Progress
The Eater of the Blacksmith's Dream
Blacksmith Banner.png
0% translated
Hinamatsuri Festival
Hinamatsuri Banner.png
Translation in Progress
Nenechi Quest
Nenequest Banner.png
To be imported
Fairies Trick
FT Banner.png
0% translated
The Friends of My Friends Are Also My Friends
SS Banner.png
0% translated
Outclub, the Northern Mountain and the First Camp
YC Banner.png
To be imported
Etowaria's Diva
Etowaria Idol Banner.png
0% translated
Remember Yosakoi
HY PU.png
0% translated
First Issue! Comic Etowaria
CG Banner.png
0% translated
Kurumi in Wonderland
KinW Banner.png
0% translated
K-ON! Etowaria Live!!
Kon! banner.png
0% translated
Beach Hut of the Year
Infobannerlarge 2018summer1iv.png
100% translated
Treasure Chest at the Bottom of the Sea
Infobannerlarge 2018summer2iv.png
100% translated
Mysterious Island and Trial of Bonds
Harukana Receive banner.png
100% translated
Great Detective Coronet and The Tragedy of Yuu
100% translated
Miyako and the Cats' Song
100% translated
Re-Run・Stile Second Shop Open!
Blend S Banner.png
100% translated
Hibari, Rii-san and the Flower of Happiness
50% translated
Is the Order a Rabbit in a Different World?
100% translated

Character Scenarios Translation[edit]

Character Scenarios[edit]

Memorial Quest (*5 Only)[edit]

Interface Translations[edit]

Interface translations go here.

Miscellaneous Translations[edit]

Miscellaneous translations go here.

Common Terms[edit]

This section contains translations to common terms in the game for easy reference.


Icon Japanese English
Class Warrior.png
せんし Warrior
Class Mage.png
まほうつかい Mage
Class Priest.png
そうりょ Priest
Class Knight.png
ナイト Knight
Class Alchemist.png
アルケミスト Alchemist


Icon Japanese English
Attribute Fire.png
Attribute Wind.png
Attribute Earth.png
Attribute Water.png
Attribute Moon.png
Attribute Sun.png


Icon Japanese English
Logo Hidamari Sketch.png
ひだまりスケッチ Hidamari Sketch
Yuyushiki logo.png
ゆゆ式 Yuyushiki
Aチャンネル A-Channel
Logo Kiniro Mosaic.png
きんいろモザイク Kiniro Mosaic
Logo Gakkou Gurashi.png
がっこうぐらし! Gakkou Gurashi!
Logo Stella no Mahou.png
ステラのまほう Stella no Mahou
Logo New Game.png
Logo Urara Meirochou.png
うらら迷路帖 Urara Meirochou
Logo Kill Me Baby.png
キルミーベイベー Kill Me Baby
Logo Sakura Trick.png
桜Trick Sakura Trick
ブレンド・S Blend-S
夢喰いメリー Yumekui Merry
Logo Slow Start.png
スロウスタート Slow Start
Logo Yuru Camp.png
ゆるキャン△ Yuru Camp
Logo Hanayamata.png
ハナヤマタ Hanayamata
Logo Comic Girls.jpg
こみっくがーるず Comic Girls
あんハピ♪ Anne Happy
K-on! logo.jpg
けいおん! K-ON!
Harukana logo.png
はるかなレシーブ Harukana Receive
Gochiusa logo.png
ご注文はうさぎですか? Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka?
Anima Yell logo.png
アニマエール! Anima Yell!

(WIP) Translations to be Imported to the Wiki[edit]

Name/Content Author/Source
Nene quest event translation u/KKohaku21
Yuru Camp quest event translation u/KKohaku21
Chino & Kaos, Cocoa & Nene Cross Scenario u/KiraraThrowaway2 (Throwaway Account)