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Chapter 3: Food Combinations[edit | edit source]

Kotone: Somehow there's a lot of stingy stuff closely packed down here.

Umi: This is "The Carpet of Urchins".

Shizuku: It's pitch black..... Are these really all urchins?

Umi: Yes. You won't last long if you got stung by their spines, so be very careful.

Kirara: Even if you say so, there isn't anywhere that we can step on, so I have a feeling that we wouldn't be able to anything about this....

Yuzuko: Kirara-chan, leave this to me.

Kirara: Do you have something in mind? ...and also Yuzuko-san's body is starting to glow!?

Yuzuko: Fufufu..... Transform!

(Art transition)

Yuzuko: Ta-daa! How's this? I'm now also in a swimsuit, just like Kotone-chan and the others!

Kotone, Shizuku: Oooh.

Yuzuko: But still this is just a school swimsuit. I didn't get something like a diving suit that protects me when I step on those urchins after all.

Kotone: School swimsuits are really cute♪

Kirara: So then Yuzuko-san, have you got something in mind on how to get out of this place?

Yuzuko: Huh? Ah, speaking of which I heard that if you pour soy sauce onto pudding it tastes like urchins. There seems to be soy sauce available for just that.

TL: She's not kidding. In Japan there is actually soy sauce specialised for pudding.
This Japanese article ( experiments with different pudding with that soy sauce to try out which combination tastes the most similar to actual urchins.

Yuzuko: Heh, something like that is on sale after all huh.....but that's not it, what can we actually do from hereー

Yuzuko: Maybe we can use that specialised soy sauce. If we use it on those urchins..... but they're scattered across the seafloor.

Yuzuko: Do you have something similar over here, Umi-chan? Now what's left is, for example, honey on cucumber.....

TL: Apparently, honey and cucumber mixed together tastes like melon. At least that's what the Japanese have told us.
Somehow this scenario feels like Shokugeki no Soma, in which Soma mixes random shit together to make a dish.

Umi: Haa.....Some of the food combinations on the land really are unbelievable.

Shizuku: That's not all. There are even more extreme examples......

Yuzuko: Ah, I'm back to normal. What a pity. Moving in a swimsuit sure seemed a lot easier.

Yuzuko: .....Huh? What were we talking about just now? We're talking about eating pudding and cucumber together, and mixing soy sauce and honey, right?

Kirara: Please just eat normally..... And more than that, we're talking about how we can get out of here.

Yuzuko: Can't we just swim above the urchins and get across?

Kirara: Eh? .....Ah, that reminds me that we're in the sea. How careless I am......

Yuzuko: With that said, let us go swimmingly!

Shizuku: Huh? So what's the point of her being in a swimsuit.....?

Translation by - Mann -
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