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To Access[edit]

  1. Open your Menu by pressing the button located at the upper right of your screen. This should open a side display of other sets of buttons.
  2. Press the Settings Button, located on the bottom portion of the side display with the icon of brown gears. This should transition the game to the Settings Page.
  3. After the transition you are greeted with a set of buttons. Press the upper-left button from this set of buttons.


The User Profile page should look like this:

User Profile Raw.jpg

A partially-translated page should look like this:

User Profile Partially Translated.jpg

  • The card displayed on the left is the first character you have in your Room. The icon of the same character is also displayed when your profile is shown to your friends or other players.
  • On the right, the first field is your Username. To change it, tap the pencil icon (Pencil.png) to the right of the name. The character limit for your username is 10.
  • Below the User Name is the Message. This message will be displayed to others in their friends list. To change it, tap the pencil icon (Pencil.png) to the right of the name. Currently, the character limit for this message box is unknown. It is highly advised not to write anything that will result in a ban.
  • Below the Support Message is the User ID. The User ID is a set of 10 alphanumeric characters used to identify your profile. Send this exact ID to others to directly add you as a friend without having to search. You can copy the ID into your phone's clipboard with the button to the right of your User ID.