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The User Title is a feature that was implemented with the update to Ver.2.0.0 on 28 February 2020. The User Title can be changed via the User Profile in the Settings. If you haven't set any title, Achievement 0.png ("No title") will be displayed by default. Once you have set a title, you can't return to having no title.

The title you set will be displayed to others when they look at your profile or when they see one of your characters on their list of support characters. You can roughly divide all title into two categories: "Miscellaneous Titles" and "Series-specific Titles".

Miscellaneous Titles[edit | edit source]

In this category, you can find several Event-related Titles.

As displaying all titles here at once would put quite a burden on some devices or browsers, the Event-related titles are divided into intevals of six months:

Besides the Event-related Titles, there are also a few Special Titles. This is a list of all of them:

Achievement 301010000.png Holder of the New Scripture
(Clear Main Story Chapter 8, Part 32.)
Achievement 303050000.png Approved by Lamp
(Beat Lamp's Challenge, which was available from 8 Oct 2019 till 16 Oct 2019.)
Achievement 401000000.png Instructor Leine's Disciple
(Finish 250 Trainings.)
Achievement 402000000.png Inheriting Instructor Leine's Secret Skills
(Finish 500 Trainings.)
Achievement 403000000.png Master of Training
(Finish 1000 Trainings.)
Achievement 403000001.png VTuber Apprentice
(Gained via owning the Lamp Channel Subscription Ticket
which was distributed to all players who logged in on 1 April 2020.)
Achievement 403000002.png Good Morning-mp!
(Gained via owning the Secret Idea Pad which was obtained by rolling on the
"Support VTuber Lamp's Debut" banner. This banner was only available on
1 April 2020 and required 400 Paid Starlight Stones.)
Achievement 403000003.png Steadily Growing Summoner
(Gained via owning Kirara's Birthday Card
which was distributed to all players who logged in on 7 July 2020.)
Achievement 403000004.png Everyone's Beloved Summoner
(Gained via owning Kirara's Birthday Cake which was obtained by purchasing the
"Special Starlight Stone Set" that was available from 7 July 2020 to 9 July 2020.
For 4900 Yen, you'd get this item as well as 400 Paid and 560 Free Starlight Stones.)

Series-specific Titles[edit | edit source]

There are basically three types of titles available for every series:

1) There are two titles given simply for having every 5★ character in the game; the first one is obtained upon summoning a 5★ character, the second when that character reaches level 100.

2) There are another two titles that got implemented with the update to version 2.1.0 from 23 April 2020. To get these two, you need to clear the character's individual requests of the Creamate Comm (which requires that series's Crea Craft to be implemented).

3) There are three titles for every series, obtainable via the Crea Craft system that was implemented alongside the User Titles with Ver.2.0.0. You get the first title for clearing a serie's first Craft Quest, which also unlocks that serie's Crea Orb. The second title is obtained when the Crea Orb reaches level 5 (which also unlocks the second Orb skill), and the third title is obtained when the Crea Orb reaches level 10 (which also unlocks the third Orb skill).

Note that the User Titles of 2) and 3) are only available once the Crea Craft for that series is implemented.

Once again, as displaying all titles here at once would put quite a burden on some devices or browsers, they are divided by series. You can tap on any of the following logos to open a page where all titles of that series are listed. To know which series have their Crea Craft already implemented, the date of implementation is also stated in the table

Series Logo Date of implementation of Crea Craft
Logo Hidamari Sketch.png 28 February 2020
Yuyushiki logo.png 28 February 2020
Contentslogo3.png 28 February 2020
Logo Kiniro Mosaic.png 28 February 2020
Logo Gakkou Gurashi.png 28 February 2020
Logo Stella no Mahou.png 28 February 2020
Logo New Game.png 28 February 2020
Logo Urara Meirochou - long.png 28 February 2020
Contentslogo8.png 28 May 2020
Logo Sakura Trick.png 23 June 2020
Contentslogo10.png 29 July 2020
Yumekui-merry-53ed41de8cae0.png 29 July 2020
Contentslogo11.png 27 August 2020
Logo Yuru Camp.png 10 September 2020
Logo Hanayamata.png 29 September 2020
Contentslogo14.png 29 September 2020
Contentslogo18.png 13 October 2020
K-on! logo.png 27 October 2020
Harukana logo.png 11 November 2020
Gochiusa logo.png 24 December 2020
Anima Yell logo.png (Not yet implemented)
Sansha Sanyou logo.png (Not yet implemented)
GA Geijutsuka logo.png (Not yet implemented)
Kuro logo.png (Not yet implemented)
Logo Machikado Mazoku.png (Not yet implemented)
Logo Harumination.png (Not yet implemented)
Logo Koufuku Graffiti.png (Not yet implemented)
Contentslogo28.png (Not yet implemented)
Tamayomi logo.png (Not yet implemented)
Acchi Kocchi logo.png (Not yet implemented)
Logo Ochikobore Fruit Tart.png (Not yet implemented)
Logo Power of Smile.png (Not yet implemented)
Koharu Biyori logo.png (Not yet implemented)
KR logo.png (Not yet implemented)