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As already stated here, every series provides four User Titles per 5★ character of that series if the series has its Crea Craft implemented. Stella no Mahou got its Crea Craft added on 28 February 2020 (and its Creamate Comm on 23 April 2020), thus all four titles are available ever since.

The following list contains all titles obtainable via 5★ characters from Stella no Mahou. The first tab displays the two titles gained simply by leveling that character, and the second tab displays the two titles that are related to Creamate Comm.

Titles for Leveling Characters[edit | edit source]

Character Name Title given when character is summoned Title given when character reaches level 100
Honda Tamaki Achievement 103160000.png
SNS Club
Achievement 113160000.png
The SNS Club's Ojisan artist
Honda Tamaki (Sports) Achievement 103160001.png
The SNS Club of the red team
Achievement 113160001.png
Cheer girl with a ponytail
Fujikawa Kayo Achievement 103160100.png
SNS Club
Achievement 113160100.png
 The SNS Club's Singna of no compromises
Murakami Shiina (Valentine) Achievement 103160200.png
Valentine's SNS Club
Achievement 113160200.png
I turned my feelings into this program
Seki Ayame Achievement 103160300.png
SNS Club
Achievement 113160300.png
 The SNS Club's great scenario writer
Fuda Yumine Achievement 103160400.png
Illustration Club & SNS Club
Achievement 113160400.png
 The SNS Club's BL game developper
Iketani Nono Achievement 103160700.png
SNS Club
Achievement 113160700.png
 The SNS Club's attention-seeking monster voice actor

Titles for Creamate Comm[edit | edit source]

Character Name First Title for clearing Creamate Comm Second Title for clearing Creamate Comm
Honda Tamaki Achievement 131160000.png
It'd be wonderful if I could create something――
Achievement 133160000.png
I love you Papa
Honda Tamaki (Sports) Achievement 131160001.png
I wonder what comes next――
Achievement 133160001.png
Please pat me as part of your praises
Fujikawa Kayo Achievement 131160100.png
How about we record it right away
Achievement 133160100.png
 Let's start by putting it together diligently
Murakami Shiina (Valentine) Achievement 131160200.png
But I don't hate you
Achievement 133160200.png
If you don't mind, could you, go out with me――
Seki Ayame Achievement 131160300.png
All my works lead to my current self!
Achievement 133160300.png
 Don't fight over me…
Fuda Yumine Achievement 131160400.png
Tama-chan is a seme!!
Achievement 133160400.png
 A dreamful girl, huh?
I can't get along with you then
Iketani Nono Achievement 131160700.png
Hi everyone, hohoro~
Achievement 133160700.png
 Wasn't I handling it godly!?

Titles related to Crea Craft[edit | edit source]

This was also already stated at the page for User Titles, but in addition to the character-related titles, every series has another three titles, which are related to the Crea Craft of that series. The following list contains all three titles for Stella no Mahou:

Title given when Crea Orb is unlocked Title given when Crea Orb reaches level 5 Title given when Crea Orb reaches level 10
Achievement 201160000.png
Stella no Mahou is good!
Achievement 202160000.png
Stella no Mahou is my favorite!
Achievement 203160000.png