Yell for All Translation Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: The Aftermath of Victory is Gorgeous[edit | edit source]

Hana: I did it! I've taken them back!

Sprite: Oh no you don't! Yaah!

Hana: Ah.

(Hana falls, Transition)

Naru: Ah, Hana-chan is.......!

Yaya: Hey, it'd be bad for even Hana if she fall from such a heightーー!

Kohane: ......! ......It's alright, you two!


Sprite: Oh no! I might've pushed her off too forcefully just now! I...I know nothing about this! I did nothing wrong after all!

(Transition, black screen)


Hizume: ......Phew. You alright?

Hana: Oooh! Hizume-san!

(Screen returns to normal.)

Hana: Thank you! Nice catch!

Hana: My body doesn't hurt anywhere as well! That just now was what you'd call a "Princess Carry" right!?

Hizume: Well, sort of. The actual one is a bit different.

Hana: Just as you told me, Hizume-san, that there's completely no need for me to worry!

Hizume: I'm already used to catching people who're falling down.

Hana: "The Iron Base" at work! Haah! You could perhaps be a good match with Yosakoi......!

Hana: I really want to try dancing with you someday, Hizume-san!

Hizume: I've heard that quite a lot of acrobatic moves are performed.

Yaya: Heeeeey! Hana, are you okay~~?

Hana: Yaya-san! Naru! And everyone from the Cheer Club!

Hana: That's it! Naru! I've taken back our naruko!

Naru: Hana-chan! Thank you so much! Nevertheless you got us worried~

Hana: That's.......Uuu, I'm sorry.

Kohane: That was incredible, Hana-chan!

Kohane: I can't believe you swiftly ran your way to such a high place, and not to mention you jumped from there!!

Yaya: Jumped you say...... Well, actually she has indeed fallen.

Hana: Thank you all so much! But in the end it's all thanks to Hizume-san!

Kohane: Alright~! I cannot lose as well!

Hana: That's the spirit!


Naru: Um, everyone, thank you for your help. What'd you like us to do in return?

Uki: ーーAhh, if that's the case, then how about hearing out our request?

Naru: Haah, I remember now. You came to us because you wanted to make a request in the first place, didn't you?

Yaya: By any chance does it have to do with sprites? Tama was surprised when she heard me mentioning sprites.

Tamate: You're really perceptive. You're right, it's exactly that. In fact.......


Yaya: I see, and that's why you need dancers to dance for you......Let's work with them, since we were helped by them after all.

Naru: Yeah! Of course!

Hana: Ooh! That means I get to hang out with Hizume-san and the others again!

Yaya: That's not exactly true, but well, it's something along these lines.

Hana: I'm getting excited! Next time I want to show you our Yosakoi dance!

Hizume: Sure. With you all working together along with us, I feel really reassured.

Kohane: Alright~! Everyone, let's show them what we're made of!!

Translation by - Mann -
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