Yuru Camp Event Extra Scenario Translation Chapter 1

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Extra 1: Back to the Northern Mountains[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: We found it, everyone. Today's campsite!

Aoi: We just camped here the other day, to think we'd be back again so soon.

Chiaki: It's fine, isn't it? Besides, we didn't even take the right path here last time.

Chiaki: We cleared the scenic route last time. That means the right path is no problem for us!

Aoi: Clearing the scenic route almost ended in a game over for us, remember?

Ena: Even in this world, the outclub is the same as always, huh?

Rin: Wait, how did you even get lost? Wasn't it just a straight road?

Chiaki: And with that, today's camp is to welcome Ena into our fold. Are you ready everyone?

Nadeshiko: Yeah!

Ena: You guys didn't have to go out of your way to welcome me~

Aoi: It's fine, they just needed an excuse to go camping, is all.

Chiaki: That's right. Also, Ena has to experience the hell we went through as well!

Rin: What are you planning on having us do?

Chiaki: Well, enough with the jokes.

Rin: Which part of that was a joke. I don't get it.

Chiaki: We've still got a long day ahead, so let’s set up the tent and have some fun!

Nadeshiko, Ena & Aoi: Yeah!

Rin: Y-yeah?

Rin: ...and that should do it for my tent.

Rin: Maybe I should go for a walk while the sun is still out.

Rin: Oh right, I remember finding a tea house nearby. I should bring Nadeshiko and the others...

Rin: Everything all right over here?

Aoi: All alright. What about you, Rin-chan?

Rin: Yeah. I'm all set up too. So, I was thinking about going for a walk...

Rin: Wait, where's Nadeshiko and Saitou?

Chiaki: Hm? I saw them taking Chikuwa somewhere while we were setting up the tent earlier...

Chiaki: After that, I dunno.

Rin: I see.

Rin: ... Where could they have gone?

Translation by KKohaku21
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