Yuru Camp Event Extra Scenario Translation Chapter 2

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Extra 2: Until It's All Filled Up[edit]

Nadeshiko: Wait up, Chikuwa!

Nadeshiko: Caught ya!

Ena: Ah, you caught Chikuwa.

Nadeshiko: You won't get away again!

Chikuwa (Ena): Calm down Nadeshiko-chan! Even if you eat me I won't taste like chikuwa!

Nadeshiko: I won't eat you!?

Ena: That's what I thought. You're more of a dog that gets eaten in this dog-eat-dog world.

Nadeshiko: I'm not that weak!?

Nadeshiko: We should head back soon. Rin-chan and the other should be done setting up the tent.

Ena: Yep.

Ena: Which way did we come from again?

Nadeshiko: Umm, I think it was this way...

Nadeshiko & Ena: ......

Nadeshiko: Are we maybe... lost?

Ena: Oh dear.

Nadeshiko: W-w-what should we do? At this rate, we'll never get out....

Nadeshiko: We’ve got no choice but to become treasure hunters!?

Ena: You really are a strong girl, Nadeshiko-chan.

Ena: But that's not it, I heard there's something you can do for times like these.

Nadeshiko: Really?

Ena: Yep. Let's see, I think it was...

Nadeshiko: Like this?

Ena: That's it. Just move forward with your hands on the wall like that...

Ena: Creating landmarks as you go along...

Nadeshiko: We moved about 5 squares from that corner just now, so...

Ena: Nadeshiko-chan, your map is off by 1 square.

Nadeshiko: Eh...? You're right. Alright, time to redraw this...

Nadeshiko: Ena-chan! It's a treasure box!

Ena: You did it, Nadeshiko-chan!

Nadeshiko: It's thanks to your advice, Ena-chan, that we were able to make it this far.

Ena: So this is what the call the wisdom of our forefathers.

Nadeshiko: Alright, let's keep this up!

Ena: ...

Ena: (We might be able to conquer the labyrinth but, it doesn't change the fact that we're still lost...)

Translation by KKohaku21
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