Yuru Camp Event Extra Scenario Translation Chapter 3

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Extra 3: Dog-Eat-Dog World[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: We managed to get out of the cave, which is nice but....

Ena: It seems we came out from a different exit, huh.

Nadeshiko: I wonder which direction our camp is?

Ena: If we find a river or a road, it should make it easier for us to find out where we are so...

Ena: Nadeshiko-chan, do you smell anything?

Nadeshiko: I'm not a dog so that's impossible....

Nadeshiko: ...Dog?

Nadeshiko: Oh! I just had an idea!

Ena: Huh? What's wrong?

Nadeshiko: We could just use Chikuwa to find out way back!

Ena: I see, to think that was the last thing we thought of.

Nadeshiko: Ena-chan. Do you still have snacks for Chikuwa?

Ena: Yep, here.

Nadeshiko: Look, Chikuwa, it's a snack~

Nadeshiko: If you want it, then you've gotta find our way back~

Chikuwa: ...

Nadeshiko: Eh? Usually it'd be out already...

Ena: In times like this, you have to match the dog's line of sight.

Nadeshiko: Hmmm

Nadeshiko: Come here, it's a snack~

Chikuwa: Woof!

Nadeshiko: Ah!

Ena: It snatched the snack, huh?

Nadeshiko: Wait up!

Ena: As I thought, Nadeshiko's fate is to be eaten in this dog-eat-dog world.

Translation by KKohaku21
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