Yuru Camp Event Extra Scenario Translation Chapter 4

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Extra 4: Fishing For A Scent[edit]

Ena: It's hard to tell because of the trees, but it seems the day is coming to an end.

Nadeshiko: W-what should we do? At this rate, we'll really be stranded!?

Ena: Yeah. If only there was something that could lead us back to Rin and the others...

Nadeshiko: Something that could lead us back... hm?

Ena: What's up, Nadeshiko-chan?

Nadeshiko: sniff sniff... This way!

TL: (Wait, didn't you say you can't because you're not a dog!?)

Ena: Eh, Nadeshiko-chan?

Aoi: Aki, are you alright cooking the rice over there?

Chiaki: Ah, I'm good... I think.

Rin: That's worrying.

Chiaki: It can't be helped, can it? We always bring packed food, so I'm not used to this.

Aoi: I'm all done over here.

Aoi: ...more importantly, where could Nadeshiko-chan and Ena-chan have gone off to?

Rin: Well, the sun's about to set so, I wouldn't be surprised if they were stranded in the mountains or something...

Chiaki: You guys worry too much. Besides, they're probably chasing Chikuwa after it ran off with a snack.

Aoi: Well in that case, let's help them find their way back with a nice aroma.

Chiaki: Wait, but they're not dogs...

Nadeshiko: It's curry!!

Rin: Whoa.

Chiaki: We actually caught one.

Ena: Wait up, Nadeshiko-chan.... Ah, Rin. So that's where you were. Where did you guys go?

Rin: We're the ones who should be asking that.

Ena: Ah, I see, I see.

Rin: Coming back this late, where did you guys go?

Ena: Were you worried?

Rin: Of course.

Ena: Thanks. Ah, it was truly a spectacular adventure.

Nadeshiko: Indeed it was. Listen to this tale, my dear!

Rin: I’m listening. So what happened?

Nadeshiko: Well, you see...

Translation by KKohaku21
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