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Chapter 01: Solo Camping & Club Camping[edit | edit source]

Rin: ...Alright. This much should be fine.

Kirara: Are you going out this early in the morning Rin? You've got quite the big luggage...

Rin: Yeah. I was thinking of going camping.

Kirara: ...? You mean you're going to somewhere so out of place you have no choice but to camp to survive?

Rin: No, that's not what I mean.

Kirara: ...?

Rin: It's my hobby. Camping, that is.

Kirara: Survival camping... as a hobby?

Rin: It's nothing as hardcore as survival camping.

Rin: In our case it's more like traveling and having fun in nature.

Rin: It's something like taking a tour across the land, but instead of an inn, you're sleeping in the tent you pitched.

Kirara: Oh, so that's how it is.

Kirara: Hm? Aren't you going to go with Nadeshiko and the others?

Rin: I can always go out with Nadeshiko's group whenever, so from time to time I like to go camping solo.

Rin: ...oh. It's almost time for me to leave. I'll be back in about 2 days or so.

Kirara: Got it. Please, take care of yourself.

Chiaki: Listen up guys, we're starting the outdoors club's first camping trip in Étowalia meeting right now!

Nadeshiko: Chief!! Where will we be camping?!

Chiaki: I'm well prepared this time, team member Nadeshiko! We will be headed towards the mountains north of the town.

Nadeshiko: Chief!! We don't have our usual camping essentials!!

Chiaki: We'll be buying those in a bit.

Nadeshiko: Chief!! How much yen do we have for snac...

Chiaki: Would you shut up for a bit?

Nadeshiko: Nm......!

Aoi: 'Tis exchange feels so nostalgic.

Kirara: Good afternoon~

Chiaki: Oh, it's just Kirara.

Aoi: Welcom'

Kirara: What were you doing?

Chiaki: Well, I'm glad you asked!

Chiaki: We're headed to look for the unknown, to travel to and document that which has not been touched by other human hands!

Aoi: Why are ye making it sound so gran'. We're just going camping up the northen mountains together.

Kirara: Hmm, camping... was it?

Chiaki: Camping in the great unknown is a commonality that flows in the veins of the outdoors club members!

Nadeshiko: By the way, is it really okay to not invite Rin?

Aoi: We thought about inviting her, but we haven' seen her since this mornin'

Kirara: If you're asking about Rin, she left very early this morning, saying "I'm going camping"

Nadeshiko: Ehhhhh, but I wanted us to go together.

Kirara: "I can always go out with Nadeshiko's group whenever" was what she said.

Nadeshiko: I see... then, since we missed her this time, let's invite her the next time we go camping!

Chiaki: But to go solo camping so quickly after arriving in another world, that Shimarin really loves camping way too much.

Aoi: Even though we're doing exactly the same~

Nadeshiko: Northern mountains means there might be something interesting there. I can't wait!

Kirara: Uh, uh!

Nadeshiko, Chiaki & Aoi: ?

Kirara: Is it alright if I went camping with you as well?

Translation by KKohaku21
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