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Chapter 02: Familiar Tools[edit | edit source]

Chiaki: So, we were about to go buy the camping equipment but...

Kirara: It really does cost quite abit huh? Camping that is. (Why do we have gold production buildings Kirara gdi)

Aoi: That's right. Although they can be used for quite a long time, even back it our world it was more of a working adult's hobby.

Nadeshiko: Oh right, Kirara. Why did you suddenly want to come camping with us?

Kirara: You can apparently pick a delicacy known as "Tsuntsuun" from the northern mountains. (Tsuntsun is basically how you feel after eating it. I'll let you guess what it is until it's revealed later.)

Nadeshiko: Delicacy? Is it good?

Kirara: It's a bit of an acquired taste, apparently it goes "Tsun" when you eat it, so your either like it, or hate it. (Tsun basically means a strong smell assaults your nose.)

Nadeshiko: So that's why it's called "Tsuntsuun".

Kirara: I really like it. Also, it's apparently even better when it's fresh.

Nadeshiko: Woah. I wanna try it too!

Chiaki: So that's it. We could've picked it as a souvenir for you.

Kirara: That's one of my reasons but, I was also slightly interested in your camping trip...

Nadeshiko: Kirara, have you never camped before?

Kirara: I've slept out before.

Kirara: But that was because it was required when going on a faraway trip....

Chiaki: So the method is the same, but the goal is different.

Aoi: We're campin' fer fun after all.

Kirara: And that's why, when I saw you talking about going camping with such enthusiasm, I also felt like do it as well.

Nadeshiko: So, this is your first camping trip, Kirara!

Aoi: That's al'rite with you, Aki?

Chiaki: Leave it to me! In the name of the outdoors club, I'll make this the greatest camping experience!

Kirara: Got it. I'll leave it to you!

Aoi: Speakin' of which, we're still short on camp gear.

Chiaki: There's quite a few substitutes for the tents and pots but, I'd rather use something we're more familiar with...

Leine: Oh, are you all out shopping?

Aoi: We're going campin' at near the mountains you recommended, and right now we're out buying camping gear.

Leine: I see, so you are all going.

Kirara: So you're the one who told Nadeshiko's group about the northern mountains.

Leine: That's right~. There's not many monsters there in this season, and there's a few interesting water features, making it a very scenic spot.

Leine: And so, when are you heading out?

Nadeshiko: We'll be heading out tomorrow!

Chiaki: Once we have our equipment, that is.

Leine: Oh dear, do you not have camping gear?

Aoi: We have what we have but, we're still missin' quite a abit of gear...

Leine: Oh right, I think Kanna was thinking of setting up a new store for camp goods, why don't you ask her?

Chiaki: Really?! Alright, let's go you guys!

Nadeshiko & Aoi: Yeah!

Chiaki: W-what's with this assortment!

Aoi: From tents, to sleeping bags, an' even a standing grill... (New furniture woooo)

Aoi: There's even a burner here!

Nadeshiko: They're all familiar gear!

Kanna: I was wondering who was making all that noise, and it turns out it's just your group, Kirara.

Kirara: Ah, Ms. Kanna. This equipment...

Kanna: Rin was the one who requested them.

Nadeshiko: Rin did?

Kanna: Yeah. They were surprisingly interesting to make. These are just some of the prototypes.

Chiaki: As expected of Shimarin, the godchild of camping. She's really well prepared...

Aoi: Godchild, she says.

Nadeshiko: Ms. Kanna! Would you let us use these camping gear?

Chiaki: Hey! I'm afraid we don't have enough money for such amazing gear.

Nadeshiko: W-we'll pay in installments...

Aoi: We still wouldn't have enough...

Kanna: Don't worry about the money.

Nadeshiko: Really!?

Kirara: Is it really okay, Ms. Kanna?

Kanna: These aren't for sale anyways. In exchange, evaluate their effectiveness for me.

Kanna: I want to make a new set based on your evaluation.

Chiaki: In that case leave it to us! We'll use it until it breaks!

Aoi: Don't break it.

Aoi: Thanks to Ms. Kanna, we managed to gather our camp gear.

Chiaki: Preparations complete, now we just have to wait for the new dawn!

Nadeshiko: But, Aoi, Aki....

Kirara: It's raining hard, isn't it...

Chiaki: A lifelong regret...! To think the outdoors club and it's associates have failed to read the weather...

Aoi: We don't hav weather forecasters afta all, it can't be helped.

Chiaki: Well, all we can do now is pray for the sun. More importantly, we should sleep now to prepare for tomorrow.

Kirara: Nadeshiko. Are you unable to sleep?

Nadeshiko: Mmn. It's not like that. I'm just wondering what Rin is doing right now...

Kirara: Ah, that is a little worrying.

Nadeshiko: Mhm. But it's definitely alright. She's a camping pro after all!

Nadeshiko: We should sleep too! If we can't wake up in the morning, Aki is going to get mad!

Kirara: Haha, that's true.

Translation by KKohaku21
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