Yuru Camp Event Translation Chapter 03

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Chapter 03: Maps, Landmarks and Visual Confirmation[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: It's clear out!

Aoi: The perfec' campin' weather.

Chiaki: We'll be headed to the foot of the northern mountains today, and camping there.

Chiaki: Alright you guys, are you prepared?!

Aoi: Every thin' okay here.

Nadeshiko: Kirara, are you okay?

Kirara: Yep. I didn't forget anything.

Chiaki: Alright then, off we go!

Aoi: Hey, Aki.

Chiaki: What's up, Inuko?

Aoi: You've been starin' at that map for awhile now, is everything al'right?

Nadeshiko: Aki, are we lost?

Chiaki: No, there's supposed to be a road here but, I don't see the landmark...

Nadeshiko: Ah, Aki! There's a sign here!

Chiaki: Well done Nadeshiko!

Aoi: Whas up with tis, it seems to have been uprooted.

Kirara: Maybe it was caused by yesterday's rain? The winds were pretty strong.

Chiaki: Well, it seems we found our landmark. We've found our path forward! Follow behind me!

Kirara, Nadeshiko & Aoi: Okay!

Aoi: Hey, Aki.

Chiaki: What's up, Inuko?

Aoi: You sure there was a road? I don't see the mountain we're looking for....

Nadeshiko: Aki, are we lost?

Chiaki: What are you saying guys, we're moving according to the map aren't we?

Kirara: For awhile now it didn't feel like we're on the road, but instead on a beast's path...

Aoi: Will a bear appear? Tis place. It don't feel safe.

Chiaki: What are you saying? A bear, in such a place...

Chiaki & Aoi: Appeared!


Aoi: As I thought, we're lost!

Nadeshiko: Aki, we are lost!?

Chiaki: Hmm, this way, this way! It should be right this time...

Chiaki: A bull monster appeared!

Kirara, Nadeshiko & Aoi: Kyaaa!

Chiaki: A poisonous swamp!

Kirara, Nadeshiko & Aoi: Kyaaa!

Chiaki: A company of ghosts!

Kirara, Nadeshiko & Aoi: Kyaaa!

Chiaki: We finally made it out.... Oh? Look at the map, we're almost at the northern mountains!

Chiaki: As I thought, the road I chose was correct! Hahahahaha!

Aoi: What's this, it's clear we're on a path not on that map.

Nadeshiko: Amazing, according to the map, we've gone a lap around the mountain!

Chiaki: .......

Kirara: The camping you guys were talking about is amazing. To think it was this intense....

Aoi: Kirara, this isn't camping, it's just another disaster...

Chiaki: W-we're finally here.... Our legs look like sticks.

Nadeshiko: Alright, it's time to set up tent!

Chiaki: I don't know how she still has energy...

Kirara: Nadeshiko! How do you use this!?

Aoi: Kirara is energetic too. As expected of a local.

Chiaki: It sure is hard for us oldies. Granny Inuko.

Aoi: Yep it is, Granny Aki.

Kirara: Oh right, I got lots of sweets from Ms. Leine before we left town.

Kirara: Shall we have them once the tent is set up?

Chiaki & Aoi: Uooooooooooooo!!!

Translation by KKohaku21
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