Yuru Camp Event Translation Chapter 04

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Chapter 04: Relaxing Sight-seeing[edit | edit source]

On the morning Nadeshiko's group left the village...

Rin: Phew.... The wind sure was strong yesterday. The falling rain was also a worry but thankfully it is sunny.

Rin: This tent sure is comfortable.

Rin: Ms. Kanna was so insistent that it was her first tie making a tent too.

Rin: As expected of a furniture craftsman. Wait, she was making way more than just furniture... Just what craftsman is she?

Rin: Meh, who cares. The path Cork told me about should be... hm, here?

Rin: "If it's your first time there, I recommend you take a stroll along the mountain path." was what she said, I guess I'll check it out.

Rin: Is this a... rock? If I look closely, it kinda resembles a bull.

Rin: Bull... that reminded me of the incident at Lake Shibire so, let's move on...

Rin: I think she said there was a nice spring around here...

Rin: Ah... it's kinda muddy after yesterday's winds and rain.

Rin: Ooh, it's bubbling hard here. Is there something down there?

Rin: It would be nice if the water clears up... It looks like a poisonous swamp when it's muddy like that.

Rin: Well, it can't be helped if it depends on the weather.

Rin: A shrine for hikers to pray for safety.

Rin: The branches and leaves are completely tangled... I can't tell if it's due to the wind, or if it was originally like that.

Rin: I'll just ignore it.

Rin: To think there was a teahouse there, it had good food too.

Rin: Walking in the woods in the day, will it change color in the fall?

Rin: Cork introduced me to a great place. I'll go ask again when she's free.

Rin: .......

Rin: Maybe I should bring Nadeshiko and her friends next time...

Rin: It's almost time to set up the campfire, and maybe make something.


Rin: Hiiii!? (shilling sfx)

Rin: A m-monster? But wait, didn't cork say they won't appear here....?

*rustle rustle*

Rin: Hiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!! (L O U D S H I L L I N G)

Cardamom: Hm? Is someone there?

Translation by KKohaku21
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