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Chapter 05: A Camp Meal & Fun in the River[edit | edit source]

Nadeshiko: Breakfast is ready! This is yours, Kirara.

Kirara: Wow... Your cooking is amazing, Nadeshiko!

Nadeshiko: They're all just simple dishes, ehehe.

Chiaki: Nadeshiko's cooking is the pride and joy of the outdoors club after all!

Aoi: Why are camp meals so good, I wonda?

Chiaki: What should we do after our meal? Sightseeing?

Kirara: I'll be headed towards the mountain to look for the Tsuntsuun.

Aoi: That's yer reason for comin' with us afta all.

Chiaki: Alright! Let's go look for this Tsuntsuun too!

Aoi: Sounds good~

Kirara: Eh? I can't trouble you like that...

Chiaki: Don't worry about it! You can leave it in the hands of the Yamanashi girls!

TL: Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県) is the main setting of Yuru Camp.

Did you know: All of Yuru Camp's main characters' names are based on locations in Japan?
Shima Rin (志摩リン): Shima, Mie Prefecture (三重県志摩市)
Kagamihara Nadeshiko (各務原なでしこ): Kagamihara, Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県各務原市)
Ōgaki Chiaki (大垣千明): Ōgaki, Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県大垣市)
Saitō Ena (斉藤恵那): Ena, Gifu Prefecture (岐阜県恵那市)
Inuyama Aoi (犬山あおい): Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture (愛知県犬山市)

Kirara: Yamanashi...?

Chiaki: Doesn't matter if it's a Tsuntsun or a Bunbun, we'll find it all the same!

Aoi: Thas right. There wasn' a schedule to begin with.

Kirara: If that's the case then, I'll be in your care.

Chiaki: Okay, now for another serving of rice before we head out...

Nadeshiko: Thanks for the food!

Chiaki: There's not even a single grain left....

Aoi: It seems she finished the rest of the rice, this girl...


Kirara: If I'm not mistaken, the Tsuntsuun is found near the river.

Aoi: If you're not mistaken?

Kirara: I've only ever seen it lined up in stores so...

Chiaki: Then we'll look for it near the river first.

Nadeshiko: Ri~ ver~ Ri~ ver~ Aki! There's something down here!

Chiaki: Nice job! Wait, this is a steep slope, do I really have to go down it...?

Kirara: It's a long way around but, shall we go down from the gentler slope there?

Nadeshiko: But it's right in front of us... u-uwawa!

Aoi: Nadeshiko, careful!

Nadeshiko: I almost slipped all the way down. Thanks Aoi!

Chiaki: You should reallu be careful. This isn't the same as our world after all.

Nadeshiko: Sorry, sorry....

Aoi: and wit' that, shall we use the path over there instead?

Kirara: Hm? Nadeshiko. Where's your luggage?

Nadeshiko: Hm? I left it there just a while ago...

Aoi: Ahhh!? Nadeshiko's luggage has fallen into the river!?

Nadeshiko: But there are snacks inside I haven eaten yet!? Wait up!!

Kirara: Is your luggage alright, Nadeshiko?

Nadeshiko: Yep. The snacks are okay!

Chiaki: No no no, shouldn't you be worried about your change of clothes? It's completely soaked....

Aoi: It's alright. It's warm out today, so it should dry up quick.

Aoi: So, what exactly is this Tsuntsuun?

Kirara: Uhhh, It's a pretty green plant that grows out of the ground, is what I know.

Chiaki: I see, I see. Let's slowly look along the river then.

Chiaki: I can't seem to find it.

Kirara: There doesn't seem to be any...

Chiaki: Hey, how is it over ther... wait.

Chiaki: You guys! Are you seriously not searching!?

Nadeshiko: Aki, Kirara! The river water is really cooling, and it feels real good!

Aoi: We thought of takin a short break, an now we're stuck~

Chiaki: You guys....

Kirara: It's okay, Chiaki. ...Woah, the water really is cold, and it's just the right shallowness.

Chiaki: Oh... This isn't bad at all...

Nadeshiko: Aki!

Chiaki: Hm? ...woah!?

Nadeshiko: Hehe. Bullseye!

Chiaki: Now you've done it, Nadeshiko!

Aoi: Waah!? Why are yer spraying water at me!? Aki you no-con! Return fire!

Kirara: Kyaa!?

Chiaki: You missed too, Inuko!

Kirara: Now you've done it! Take this!

Chiaki: Isn't it against the rules to use the pan!?

Nadeshiko: That was fun!

Kirara: Now I'm completely soaked...

Chiaki: Seriously, frolicking in the river like that, what are you, grade schoolers?

Aoi: Yer were really serious too, Aki.

Nadeshiko: But we didn't find it at all huh. Tsuntsuun.

Kirara: Maybe there's just none around here.

Aoi: More importantly, let's head back and change up. We're all gonna catch colds at this rate.

Nadeshiko: Fuwaa... it's so warm....

Aoi: Kirara. Is there any other places the Tsuntsuun might be?

Kirara: I heard from Cork that apparently they can grow in the mountain caves too.

Chiaki: Okay. Then we'll head there tomorrow. We'll find the Tsuntsuun this time!

Kirara, Nadeshiko & Aoi: Yeah!

Translation by KKohaku21
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